Puzzling Dreams

Do you ever have dreams about floating in air?  I mean like… flying.  Levitating yourself above the masses like Superman and flying.  I used to have this dream quite often.  I hardly ever have it these days.  OK, you dream analyst, what’s up with this?  Snoozing in my recliner while watching TV with my feet up, which I do a lot of since I can’t do anything else with my cast iron foot, I flipped through the shows that were listed on the Directv menu.  I couldn’t believe some of the programs.  “The Redemption of General Buck Naked”, “Dr. Ho Relieves Back Pain”  “Ugly Betty”, “Slug Terra”, and my favorite…”Long Hose”.  And these are regular channels .  Not pay-per-view or porn stuff.  Dr. Ho seemed to be the least strange.  At least he/she is on a mission.  General Buck Naked and Long Hose …really?  Ugly Betty and Slug Terra just seemed creepy.  Not that any of these seem anywhere near the normal side.  But there was a show of some lady analyzing your dreams.  I found out in a matter of minutes that my dreams of flying meant I’m getting rid of stress.  To view the world with beauty and love.  I’m sure the stress part was my cancer…although I do live with Bill.  Loving the world has always been a high priority, so I guess she knew what she was talking about.  So, there is a channel for everything. 

As with dreams life seems to be a puzzle of sorts.  You have all these pieces, in which some fall into place right away.  Others take studying the objects,shapes and colors around you.  Still there are many missing pieces.  As time goes on, a piece will fall into place.  Sometime we try too hard to make a piece fit but it just won’t.  But don’t give up, It’s there somewhere.  At the end of life your puzzle is complete.  Some of us know what our puzzle will look like.  Others will pass through life with no clue who they are and have accomplished nothing.  Really sad.  My puzzle pieces are going to all fit.  I know what my puzzle will look like in the end.  Do you?

Dad’s day was a nice relaxing time.  No one came to view the house.  Thank goodness.  No major drama.  Hope all of the dad’s out there had a loving weekend.  This was the first Father’s day without my daddy.  First one in 61 years.  But I know somehow that he was here with me.  I posted a pic of him with the family on Facebook and it loaded upside down.  It never does that.  So I know there was some fun from the spirit side.  I let Bill do his thing, watching the US Open and I washed clothes.  I washed Dusty’s clothes.  Six loads of Dusty’s clothes.  I think he thinks my name is “Maytag”.  How many clothes can a 29 yr old wear in one weeks time?  This is a piece of that life puzzle that I can’t seem to find a place for right now.  But I know it’s there.

Be sure to check out the “Ride,Baby,Ride!” video that is now on You Tube.  Just go to You Tube videos and type in Leilani Hurles and hit search.  It was so much fun making it.  I hope that it helps get the word out about the “silent killer”.  Please let me know what you think.  I will be making another one for the new book, “They’re Pistols and They’re Loaded!” 

Love life my friends.  It’s really not a hard puzzle to put together.

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