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Hello everyone…thanks for stopping by.

Thought I would take a minute, a deep breath, and probably should grab a glass of wine… to pass on what you can expect from this website.  Ovarian cancer has been an unbelievable shock.  No one really can grasp the anger, fear, love, hate, and other emotions that go through your mind when something life threatening enters your life.  It appears out of no where and in my case, will be with me the rest of my life.  OK…so be it.  There is one thing all must know from the beginning…Leilani does not give up.  So, every Monday, and at other times during the week,  I will post a Monday Update.  These updates are full of information and real life happenings that occur in my world.  Please feel free to comment and become a part of our fight to beat ovarian cancer. 



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