Monday Update

Good Morning,

Well, here we are the week before Christmas.  Christmas shopping for the “right” gift for each person on my list.  Although almost everyone has their likes and dislikes, which makes the Christmas ho-ho’ing a little easier, dad (Magoo) is the exception to almost every rule.  First of all at 97, he has everything.  And if he wanted something he would have us go out and buy it for him.  So, what do you get Magoo?  We thought about acting lessons,  only because his academy award performances aren’t very convincing.  He pulled a hum-dinger with Lani yesterday.  Bill, my brother,  my nephew Walker, and I went to the (very disappointing) Texan game.  Lani and her “football friends” had the privilege of dad-sitting.  (Privilege here is used very sarcastically).  If they had been on a ship….he would have been dangling overboard!!  He did everything and anything to disrupt their fun.  Then when I got home he acted like nothing ever happened.  Watch out Hollywood…here comes Magoo!

Bill is bugging me for a list of things I’d like for Christmas.  A new roll of duct tape would be helpful! (I think Lani used what I had left on dad yesterday).   First of all, I really don’t need anything.  I would love a little mo-ped to scoot around Fulshear Farms on.  And I would love a wetsuit so I could swim in the winter (which Dr. Bevers would probably kill me).  Have you ever sent any man…on purpose….to buy you anything?  I just tell Bill “I’ll love whatever you get me…just save the receipt”!  OMG!  Can’t wait for Christmas morning.  And please Lord don’t let him get me any clothes.  Always a disaster waiting to happen, in more ways than one!  I think I’ll just tell him to stick to Spec’s…the Merlot section.  Now there’s a gift never wasted.  And a thank you to Linda and David for my Merlot toting Santa…it is awesome!

Time also for me to get ready for a pet-scan right after Christmas to see how well the chemo worked.  God says a heart does not whine or rebel when things get tough.  He musters the courage in us trust Him in hard times.  “In quietness and trust is your strength”.  So, with a new year, comes new trust and faith.  So off to war I go again in hopes of finding new ways to fight cancer.  Thanks again for everyone’s support with the book.  Together we can spread hope to others.  So as we say in Texas…Merry Christmas y’all!!!!

Hugs and kisses under the mistletoe,





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