How my week is going :)

Just a quick hello to tell everyone I made it through the fog and am ready to compete in the real world again.  Tracy at St. Luke’s (Kirby Glen) gave me my white blood cell injection yesterday.  The famous $8,771.00 shot!  Really, just think what you could buy for almost $9,000.00.  It’s the most painful part of the whole experience.  Although the injection stings like hell too! 

Had an “almost uneventful” evening and then crashed.  The “almost uneventful” part was hearing that a red tailed hawk that lives on or near or property was busy hunting yesterday afternoon and found a 3 foot snake in our front area under a pecan tree.  Decided to transport it off to his adobe.  We believe all the rain the other day brought things out of their little under ground hideaways and are now dinner for the hawks and owls.  I think we’ll keep this guy around.  Any bird that gets rid of the snakes is my friend.  The only good snake is a dead one…and I don’t care what anyone says.


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