Monday Update

There comes a time in everyone’s life that you’d just like a week to end and a new one begin.  This last week was like a satellite crossing the sky among all the stars.  Mostly confused and not shining as bright as the heavens around it.  Definitely trying not to crash into anything.  Starting at one horizon, passing through and disappearing on the opposite side of the universe.  Giving a “high five ” to the moon as it hurries, temporarily hiding behind it and then to reemerge and finding itself again.   So was the trials of Leilani during the Friday 13TH week.   

The chemo fog lifted at it’s usual time.  But the nausea and light headiness lingered a little longer than I would have liked for it to.  Not sure if it’s due to the extra poisoning session or just my brain telling “me here we go again”.  But then as with every chemo session  “THE CHALLENGE” showed up.  Always a challenge to get your heart pumping, the body racing, and the mind thoroughly pissed off!  The saga of the dreaeded toilet seat!!!!  We change out the toilet seat often because of chemo.  It is always clean but in the chemo manuals they suggest trading out seats after your chemo sessions are over.  OK so be it.  Now in the middle of the night…nature calls.  I run into the bathroom, hurry to lower the PJ bottoms and proceed to slide from one side of the john to the other and off into the magazine rack located on the floor.  Let’s see how can I describe the crash.  The toilet seat had become very loose….it slid with me.  The crash sounded like an explosion of a fireworks factory.  Moochie and Starr started barking, the toilet paper holder was in my hand, completely dismantled from the wall, the wet wipe container was underneath me….smashed and the picture on the wall had fallen down into the bowl.  (The picture is of red roses….it looked like I was trying to water them).  Are you ready….I know you already know….Bill didn’t hear a thing!  So I just left everything the way it was and waited for “Mr.Fix It” to rise and shine.  I do not know which was louder the actual crash or him making the discovery.  That’s one good way of getting an all new toilet room!  FYI, new seat is so comfy. 

On Saturday for the first playoff games we had a few friends over to watch, eat, drink, and have fun.  Our good friends Linda and David, Mark and Patsy and niece Allie, Dusty, Michele, Casey, Christina, Aunt Libby, and of course my side-kick Lani.  Magoo came in and out.  Mostly out which was awesome!  Mark and Dusty had the BBQ duties and everything was so good.  Patsy had made homemade salsa (I’ll get the recipe for everyone and post it…fresh and healthy).  It was really a great time for me.  I had been so bored all week and really needed the family around me.  (Our friends are our family so I just include them as family).  A friend is someone who is there for you when they’d rather be somewhere else.  I treasure my time with them.

Lani and I have an appointment with Dr. Lu at MD Anderson tomorrow.  I’m glad we are getting this part of the detective work done.  Dr. Lu is a genetics expert with BRCA and will guide us on the next things we need to do to help Lani in the future to dodge ovarian cancer.  I met her at the ovarian cancer conference in December and really like her.  I’ll keep all up to date on the progress.

So my friends have a great week and keep flying across that sky.  And please feel free to contact me at anytime.  I love hearing from you and really enjoy the time I spend with you.



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