Monday Update

Good morning everyone!!!!

If you read my birthday blog you know I had a wonderful day.  In fact …it was a wonderful birthday weekend.  Sullivan’s steak house was incredible and I would recommend it to everyone that would love a nice steak dinner with very nice people.  Yesterday was just a plain old spaghetti and meatballs day.  My “starting to get wide butt” was in my chaise lounge all day.  Watching the NFL playoff games.  My sis-in-law Libby came over for a visit with presents.  A beautiful western decor cross, which I hung in our den, and other awesome gifts including a pair of pink horse designed rain boots.

I caught Lani and Bill’s CRUD!  That’s the only word for it.  Not like a cold, but cough and chest congestion.  They are on antibiotics but I was afraid to take anything but Tylenol due to the fact I am not a doctor and I was scared if I took anything it might not go hand in hand with my chemo drugs.  So I’m toughing it out.  Bill loves it because I don’t have a voice (which he doesn’t hear anyway…in my opinion) and finds it amusing that I can’t pop off at him and others when I feel the need.  It is quite frustrating, actually.  I feel that everyone should hear my quips at life on occasion.  You guys aren’t so lucky…I don’t need a voice to type.

It seems last week I was at the beckon call of Mother Nature.  Bill was in the kitchen and heard a loud thump.  Looked out on our back patio and a little bird had hit the window and was out cold. The sparrow was scooped up and held for about 2 minutes.  I rubbed it’s little head as it was cupped in my hands.  It looked up at me and more than likely I probably scared what life was left in him out of it.  Bald, in PJ’s, and on a mission.  Eventually, he spread his wings and then looked me right in the eyes, wrapped his little feet around my finger and hung out for a while.  We really didn’t have too much to discuss.  But when he was ready he took off.  It was awesome.  I love the way God gets our attention. 

Our Aussie mix Moochie has hair that sheds everywhere.  There is this invention they advertise on TV that is called a Shed Pal.  If anyone has tried it on their pet would you let me know how it works.  I was discussing the use of it with Moochie who did not seem real thrilled of the prospect of being groomed with this thing.  If I could read dog minds I think he was probably saying “why don’t you just chase me around the house with the Dirt Devil”? Although I’m open to any suggestions.  I guess I’m jealous that he has hair and I don’t! 

Getting my body and mind ready for my next poisoning session on Friday.  I am having lunch today with Lani and my old time friend Velma.  Then on Wednesday I have an appointment with Dr. Bevers and blood work.  Thursday I hope to meet a new friend that contacted me via my business card.  She recently moved to Fulshear from Dallas.  I love meeting new people and I hope she gets settled in and finds many friends in our area.  Then Friday is “get juiced up day”….This will be number 2 of 3.  So that means one more left.  Getting pretty tired of chemo fog.  Oh, well not much one can do about that.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week.  Don’t forget to check out my blog a couple of times a week for news stuff and updates.  Y’all keep me going.  Hugs from Fulshear!




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