Monday Update

Well, we are getting ready to start February aren’t we?  Wow, time sure travels fast these days.  As you know by now my chemo was postponed until after our Vegas trip.  Had a Dr. Bevers appt. and blood work which came back almost immediately a “no go”.  Platelet count too low.  Anyway was hoping to get number 2 chemo out of the way and really look forward to #3 coming and going.  More details if you scroll down and read Friday’s blog. 

Bill and I are getting ready for the trip to Vegas for Super Bowl activities and to see my honey, George Strait.   We are now having to play a game with Magoo (dad).  So we don’t have to see one of his academy award winning performances when we leave…which I might add, always makes you feel like your deserting the “ole fart”…..we have decided to play his game on him.  So this week I feel like I will earn the Oscar for an actress in a lead role.  I have been kissing his “behind” for days now.  Throwing in how upset I am that chemo was delayed and how I deserve a break, to get away, time to forget about it all (which is all true) and just be me!  I really have come up with some doozies.  I know the voices in my head aren’t real but they really have some brilliant ideas!  So we will see how all of this plays out when we leave Friday morning.  Poor Lani and my sis-in-law Libby will be in charge along with our friend and doctor, Mark Bing. 

The dogs are getting a little ESP feeling that something big is about to embark on their lives.  When we get the suitcases out they go into a tail spin.  So we are trying to hide any clues that we are getting ready to leave them for a few days.  I have literally been packing things in my closet so that they can’t see the evidence.  I know…but I’m not crazy, just a limited edition!   But animals are amazing and do have that incredible sense of knowing what you are thinking.  The horses like when we leave, everyone babies them with extra carrots and apples.  They hardly know mom and dad are gone.  If only we could feed Magoo extra carrots and apples to keep him normal.

I have an appointment with the TaTa’s specialist at MD Anderson when we get back.  Since the BRCA 2 was positive for the gene mutation I will have to go through a boob MRI and a mammogram each year.  One or the other every six months.  There is an option of removing the hooters before anything shows up or wait and see what happens.  I have not talked with Dr. Bevers about this yet but will when we return.  I swear…the poor man is either messing with the who-who or feeling the boobs.  Don’t get me started…I promised numerous people I would stay out of trouble until I got back from Vegas. 

I will send a shout out on Thursday with last minute feelings and a Magoo update.  Have a great week and to our friends Linda and David, if we don’t see you before you leave for your Australian cruise…have a blast !!!!




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