Back from Vegas

Hello all…back from Vegas and totally rejuvenated!  Had blood work done today with all the sweet ladies at St. Luke’s lab.  Came back a “go” for tomorrows chemo.  Had an  appt. with Dr. Arun and her wonderful staff at MD Anderson, to do some reseach reguarding the BRCA 2 mutation. Dr. Arun is a breast cancer specialist to make sure my ta ta’s stay healthy. 

And what can I say about Vegas.  OMG!!!! George Strait touched my hand twice.  Yes, had to change my underwear.  Twice!!!  That’ll teach me to wear underwear to George Strait.  Martina McBride was awesome too.  She sang the song about cancer that left no dry eye in the house.  Need to get that CD. 

Bill had to be disciplined twice that I know of.  Took a picture of him and “Betty boobs” and another one of him losing money at blackjack while watching a pole dancer at the Tropicana.  I mean…who folds on a blackjack!!!!! I knew I should have packed the duct tape.  There are many more stories and so many nice people.  At MGM Grand we meet a sweet lady named Pat (who bought a book…thanks Pat) and was such an enjoyable person to chat with.  Also there we met Glen and Jamie who were so nice to us and got us on the front row to watch George.  I owe them huge hugs for the time of my life.  And our friend Allen who got us tickets.  And thank you Tommy who sent Bill and me pictures from the concert…thank you so much, we will treasure them forever.  Thank you Vera for taking such good care of us at breakfast every morning.  We sure missed you on Wed. morning when you had your well deserved day off.  Don our ticket dude at Harrah’s…what a nice guy you are.  We look forward to seeing you on our next visit.  Paul and Julie, Bridget and Misty…our Super Bowl buddies.  What fun.  You really get to know people when you have to hold seats for hours before the game.  Tom our bar tender at Harrah’s..thank you for giving us ole farts the attention that you do.  And to all the Keno girls..Cheryl and crew…thanks for encouraging us to gamble at breakfast….we loved every minute of it.  And leaving Vegas in an airport bar we ran into Rick the bartender and 3 other Texans. Greg, Donnie, and Chris.  Imagine meeting Texans in a bar.  All in all a blast and if I left anyone out…hang on, there is more to come. 

So, chemo tomorrow and and a chemo fog weekend.  Let me here from you.  Love you all!



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