BRCA II Results for Lani

I thought I would take this time to tell all that Lani’s BRCA II lab results came back positive.  She had a 50/50 chance of being negative.  It is not good news in itself but it does give us a heads up for her medical future.  We will be working close with Dr. Bevers and Dr. Cook to make sure we make the right decisions.  Lani will have the CA125 test twice a year (cancer marker for women) and will be screened closely for breast and ovarian problems.  We know if she decides to have children that all the parts will come out after the child bearing duties!  Removing the tata’s is a choice she will have to make, like I will, on if we decide to keep them or remove them.  It’s like it really doesn’t bother us but the men in our lives are cringing at this moment.  What is it with men and tata’s?  Keep Lani in your prayers.  I will keep you informed.  Until next time….Ride,Baby,Ride!


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