Send God’s Blessings

More than enough to do these days.  Between working a few hours a week, yard work, animals, doctor appointments, household chores…the weeks just fly by.  Visited the infusion clinic Monday for my port clean and Dr. Mauk, our “butthole” doctor, on Tuesday for pre-colonoscopy exam.  Just love those colonoscopies! 

As usual…never a dull moment with Bill on board.  Casey came out to help change motion lights, weed eat, and heavy duty work, while Bill supervised.  Or thought he was supervising.  Casey has learned to tune out his suggestions, which absolutely floors me.  Bill says something and Casey answers…”Good idea Bill” and then goes about doing it the right way.  To which Bill thinks it was his expertise and not Casey’s.  Casey and Jennifer are buying a new house in the Katy area.  With Casey’s talents as electrician, carpentry, and handyman… plus Jennifer’s smarts…. the home will be amazing. 

Dusty and Amy are about to be new parents.  Amy is due July11TH.  That is when the C-section is scheduled.  Little Kaden has decided to stay in breech position, starting out as stubborn as his daddy, so we have a scheduled birthday.  I had three c-sections because Lani decided she liked where she was and wouldn’t drop.  After reviewing my options, I had decided back then, that having “twat stitches” was not my idea of fun anyway.  I mean if stitches have to go somewhere I preferred the lower belly. Having people come visit you with your who-who under a heat lamp was not my idea of lady like!!!! The wine would really be flowing.

On my second book of Nora Roberts..The Guardian Trilogy.  The first book called “Stars Of Fortune” and the second book is “Bay Of Sighs”.  If you are a Nora fan…this trilogy is very entertaining.  The final book is “Island Of Glass”, which is due out in December.  Writing is fun.  And I wish I had half of Nora’s talent.  Which reminds me …I’m still working on book three.  So, hang tight ….it’s on the way darlings!

Dealing with the exterminator this morning.  Actually, I’m not …Cleo and Chico are.  Cleopatra hates strangers.  She disappears inside of my recliner and will not come out till she hears the strangers vehicle leave.  Chico is “Mr. Protector” and allows no one near us unless we say it’s OK.  He moves where I do and keeps an eye on Bill at the same time.  His bark sends Cleo running for cover.  She jumps about three feet in the air and runs sideways.  Looks just like Garfield when Odie barks.  One day I’ll probably see her hanging upside down from the rotating ceiling fan. Cussing Chico and meowing…damn-it!

Praying for those who have requested a pray warrior.  And while you are at it, please pray for a healthy baby boy for Dusty and Amy.  My colonoscopy isn’t for a few weeks but please pray that no cancer is detected.  It is only routine but still need God’s strength and blessings.  And for the people in Turkey who have endured another terrorist attack.  God bless those who lost their lives and those who are injured.  Peace and Love. 😥

Love and Hugs!

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