Monday Update

Hi everyone,

I would like to start today by telling everyone that I had the BRCA 1 & 2 test run.  My doctor called me and I have tested positive for carrying the gene to pass ovarian cancer on to my children.  But I also have the mutated BRCA 2 gene that puts me at high risk for breast cancer.  I really don’t know all the details yet.  I have an appointment with Dr. Bevers after Thanksgiving and we will discuss and explain all of the options.  Of course I am more concerned about Lani and how she takes all of this.  I am thankful though that we do have these tests that we can use to prevent future family cancer occurrences.  Modern medicine is amazing.  The BRCA test used to be done by blood testing but now it is a very simple swishing of SCOPE first thing in the morning and spitting in a test tube.  I know…how vivid?  So, if anyone is worried about passing the cancer gene on please look into this test.  Insurance is the “iffy” part here.  Need to see what criteria you need to meet for your particular insurance.

I’m sure everyone knows what a “bucket list” is.  But just in case…it is a wish list of sorts… of things you want to do before you kick the bucket!  I have decided that since everyone and their dog has seen me naked and “who-who” exposed, that I would like all the doctors, nurses, and techs who got to view me while I was out cold, to line up and drop the scrubs!!!!  Sounds only fair to me.  Hey, I might be missing something important!  Some earth scattering discovery.  Leave out the female doctors, nurses and the janitors though.  Not going there.

OK, and I have added to the “things that drive me crazy” list.  Have you seen the commercial where the V-8 juice dude jumps from some undisclosed place and scares the  pajaggers out of some one and then pours them a V-8 fusion? Or the opera singers on the bus singing in their costumes for J.G. Wentworth? Or the Stanley Steemer guy on the floor hugging it and smelling where some animal did his business?  I’m telling you this world has gone nuts.  REALLY???  I’m starting to feel half way normal having ovarian cancer. 

I have found out that if you want to keep the mosquitoes away.  Go have a round of chemo.  Now this is not scientific fact but I can tell you that mosquitoes love me.  I am bit constantly when they are out and about.  But after chemo they do not come near me.  Go figure.  I do notice that right before my next chemo they start buzzing around again.  I’m guessing because the chemo is starting to wear off and I need another juicing!  Don’t laugh, it’s not chemo fog, it’s just my normal crazy brain at work! 

Bill and I had coffee with a good friend of ours, Ron, and his mother Phyllis in from Bourbonnais (I think that’s correct) a little town south of Chicago.  We met at Starbucks for coffee and had a great visit.  Phyllis is a 20 year breast caner survivor and we bonded immediately on all kinds of topics from chemo fog to forget your modesty.  My wish one day is that ovarian cancer survivors can say I made it  20, 30, or 40 years!  And we will!!!!!!Anyway, I just want to get away from the negative and let’s get to the positive.  I get with my “pray pal” , GOD, several times a day and we talk over finding a cure for cancer.  Get’er done!

The book has really taken off.  Lots of positive feed back.  Remember $5. of each book goes to ovarian cancer research.  So pass the word.  Sending everyone a shout out for a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING.  I hope that everyone has a blessed time with those that are with you and I give thanks everyday that I have friends and followers like you to keep me going.  I am truly blessed!!!




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