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Some days I wake up with these incredible, earth shattering points of wisdom!  But I started thinking about some of the people around me (especially the female ones) that are ready and eager to come to the aid and rescue of others but don’t ask for a little help themselves.  I decided that everyone should have a “go to” buddy, a chemo pal, an ace in the hole, etc.  This person is chosen to promise to listen to you at least once a day on anything you want to talk about.  You need a listener, not someone rattling off unwanted advice, and not a family member.  Family members get to hear you gripe and b-i-…tich all the time.  This is your special person that just says at the end of your thoughts, fears, and plans, to simply say…great, have a nice day!  I have considered my “go pal” as a extremely easy going, non excitable treasure in my life.  As a matter of fact…I have several.  How lucky is that?  This my friends does not just apply to cancer but to any adversity we might be facing.  Life is short.   Ride,Baby,Ride! 

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