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Hi everyone,

Sometimes family members are forced to spend more time together than they care to, like during chemo week.  The chemo victim is scared to go anywhere too far from base because you might make a total ass out of yourself. (Not me of course, I could and would never make an ass out of myself!  (:lol: Quit laughing).  I compare going out during the few days after chemo, to a self inflected wound.  Pointless!  Anyway, so much closeness causes loved ones to rub each other the wrong way.  I actually was ridiculed last week for the way I prepare my cereal.  In 60 years no one has ever made fun of my morning rituals…until now.

I’m not big on milk, sugar, and cereal for that matter.  So not being a big cereal eater when I do decide to hit the cardboard box, I have to mix my cereals.  Yes, I am a cereal mixer!  General Mills and Kellogg should hire me.  I come up with the best  mixtures.  It’s not a handed down family recipe…it is a creation of cravings that my body signals to me.  Experts say your body tells you what it needs.  As a kid I was a Rice Krispies fan.  Snap, Krackle and Pop were my dudes.  My box heroes.  But if your body is screaming Frosted Flakes that day…go find Tony.  If your body says I feel like sitting in the “john” all day…go for the bran.  Being a “practical Pete” go for the whole grain and so on.  But don’t ask me why anyone’s system would ask for Captain Crunch.  ( Captain Morgan’s a different story).  So…I mix my Fiber One Shredded Wheat squares to my whole grain Raisin Nut Bran.  Thank goodness I do not eat cereal very often.  The family member, which will remain anonymous, has now found another place to store their cereal.  (Hint, wears hearing aids)!!!

I can honestly say the only good thing about the week after chemo is you don’t have to worry about waking up with “bed head”!  You just have to make sure your head is not permanently stuck to your pillowcase.  Silk cases do help but are not fool proof.  I am going to add to my increasing growing “bucket list” to find a perfect pillow case for bald people.  Oh yeah, and the perfect cereal blend!

Finally got over the achy bones and muscles from the white blood cell shot.  But I have had a little bit of shortness of breath while overexerting myself too much.  Probably the red cells this time.  It’s always something.  Sounds like an abundance of red meat this week to make up for it.  Gee…a nice steak everyday.  See…there is a bright side to everything!!!!

Want to close by thanking everyone for your continuous support of the book.  The first week blew me away.  I could not absorb all the kindness and love.  Please encourage your friends to check the website for news and updates.  We can all make a difference.  Inspire those who need help and show that they can depend on you.  I plan on making a difference one book at a time.  Ride,Baby,Ride!

Hugs from Fulshear,


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