Monday Update

Good Morning All,

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.  We had a house full of family, food, and fun!  The weather was gorgeous.  Kids played lacrosse and ran amuck while the “big kids” (you know the ones over 21,31, oh hell 41) attempted to played football.  And everyone played guitars and sang on the back porch.  Believe me this family can jam!!!  The guitar players did an awesome job but I have to say the rest of us that tried to chime in, fell short!

With the weather getting cooler a lot of us have started wearing scarves.  Let me give you a peek into the life and times of Leilani’s scarf.  First thing is if you plan on being reincarnated as a scarf do not come back as the end part.  Either end.  The part with the fringe.  In one days time my scarf had been dragged on the floor, dropped in my food, caught in the car door, closed in the refrigerator door, sat on and almost strangled me, zipped up in my pants (don’t ask), and did a dip in the toilet!  It’s almost as bad as coming back as a pair of underwear, a toilet bowl, or a condom.  Nothing that one would want to volunteer for.

All the Thanksgiving stuff has been put away and the Christmas decorations have emerged.  Now all I have to do is worry about Bill falling off a ladder.  E-GAD!  You remember my Santa…wears red, hearing aids, ball cap, and men’s depend cup…let’s don’t add broken leg to it.

OK, busy week ahead.  Blood work and exam with Dr. Bevers on Wednesday. ( where I might add, spreading the legs isn’t so bad)!!!!  Ovarian Cancer Survivors Course on Thursday at MD Anderson.  Lots of information on OC will be presented.  Including Dr. Bevers wife, Diane,  who is also an OB/Gyn Oncologist at MD Anderson.  I will have a table set up to promote my book, which I hope will raise lots of money for MD Anderson OC research.  And last but not least…Chemo on Friday.  Last one in this round!!!!  Bring out the wine!  Let’s hope I don’t have to worry about it for a long time.  And of course that’s where your “knee-mails” comes in.  Please continue to pray for me and all of those you need our thoughts everyday. 


Hugs from Fulshear,


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