Celebrate …chemo #6 is over!

Good news everyone,

Chemo #6 came and went without a hitch.  Now I have a pet-scan scheduled after Christmas to make sure no cancer was left behind.  Fighting a small headache but taking my nausea pills religiously.  Keep prayers coming for great results.

The ovarian cancer conference was awesome.  MD Anderson did an wonderful job and so did the Foundation for Women’s Cancers.  Gave out many business cards and donated a book to the MD Anderson Library.  Talked to many cancer survivors who, as I do, fight for their life everyday.  I couldn’t sell books there because they are non-profit but had a mailing list for people who wished to buy. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Go Texans beat Atlanta and Go Houston Cougars beat S. Miss.  This will give the Coogs the conference championship and go to 13-0!  Awesome!!!!



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