Monday Update

Hi everyone!

Feels like winter today.  Finally!  Usually Houston doesn’t get a cool front until January.  But we did get some much needed rain.  Only bad part about it blowing in today is that I have to receive my white cell injection today. 

Lani and I have a plan to keep Magoo occupied.  This is brillant.  Lani’s friend TJ has a 90 year old grandmother who lives close to us.  Only set back for her is that she can’t hear.  The only set back for dad is he can’t see.  Now two set backs can make a perfect match.  And guess what she has her own teeth too.  Will wonders ever cease?  They can go on dates to the dentist.  Plans are in the works.  The only problem is who would kill who first.

After chemo Friday I had a “low key” weekend.  Perched myself in my chaise lounge.with my blankets, pillows and lap top.  All bundled up.  I even shared my perfect hide away with my Lab Starr.  There were no major problems from chemo and I took my awlful drink to keep me from being constipated…so all in all a pretty good chemo weekend.  Now I can enjoy the wonderful Christmas holidays and concentrate on my family and friends. No more chemo!!!  Stay positive!

Lani and I have planned a couple of shopping days and also a couple of girl’s night out.  We have tickets to see the musical “White Christmas” and also our annual night at the Alley to see “The Christmas Carol”.  Our mall trips are always full of excitement and mischief.  Bill does not like malling with the girls….and the girls do not like malling with him!  Talk about Scrooge!  Just leave me and my American Express card alone!!!  And of course, Lani instigates all the trouble …I’m just an innocent bystander.  Hey, how much trouble can an old bald headed woman get into?  Prospects are endless!

So my friends, have a great week.  I appreciate every ones prayers that are sent.  Please know that they are right back at ya!  Special shout out to my friend Lindsay Bevers (Dr. Bevers and his wife Dr. Bodurka’s 11yr. old daughter).  Lindsay is wanting to write her own book.  I know that she will be successful.  After all she is the product of two very special, caring people.  Not to mention… my friend.

Hugs from Fulshear,








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