Monday Update

Good morning and hope no one has a Christmas “hangover”.  I do not mean from drinking either.  I mean from not going berserk. Trying to stay sane… with shopping and crazy people out in masses. Not only in the stores but in the parking lots and on the roads.  Bill and I were driving down Chimney Rock (a major street in Houston)  and some “driving challenged” woman was headed straight for us.  I guess she decided that her side of the road was to busy.  She swerved back in about two car lengths in front of us almost side swiping a poor driver in his Mercedes.  Of course, Bill didn’t have ENOUGH to say about women drivers.  I wish his mouth worked like his ears! 

Even before my two rounds of chemo, my little toenails were almost nonexistent.  Lani and Bill get a big kick teasing me about my little toes nails.  Well, I received a pair of Christmas socks and was putting them on and to my surprise my left little toe got it’s nail caught in the sock.  Now, I have noticed that going through chemo my nails have grown faster than usual.  To me this is kinda crazy because chemo is supposed to kill bad cells as well as some good ones (like one’s hair).  When I clip my toenails I hardly ever had to clip the little one.  Are you ready for this…it ripped the sock!  I was so proud of myself!  Bill and Lani were besides themselves.  It’s amazing how just the smallest things keep them amused.  Lani wet her pants and Bill had to change his “kotex”. (Male Depend’s….  still having to wear them since his surgery, but should be off “the rag” soon)!  It so nice that I can spread holiday cheer by just putting on my socks!

How about Christmas gifts?  Anyone exchanging anything?  Or just keeping them to “re-gift” when the occasion is called for.  My mother was the master of “re-gifting”.  She would keep records with each unwanted gift and then redistribute for birthdays and future Christmas’.  Knowing who gave it to you and who you could give it to.. that the person that gave it to you wouldn’t be present at the time of the second unwrapping.  I’m telling you she had it down to a science.  I actually loved all my gifts this year.  I’m extremely proud of Bill for not giving anything in the “dumb looking”, not wearable in public, non-fitting, colors from hell categories, and re-gifting category.  I think enough hints were dropped and catalogs left on tables, opened to pages with circled items and sizes highlighted that he could actually figure it out.  Even a remote toting, beer can holding hand could pick up the paper trail and get it right!  OMG there is hope for men. 

We gave our friends Linda and David an outdoor camera.  The one’s at Bass Pro that take pictures at night of things in your yard.  Linda cracked me up.  As of the first day, two pictures had been taken.  Neither one a backyard critter.  Linda forgot it was up and it shot pictures of her “little ass” going back and forth.  They had been having trouble with something knocking down a bird feeder in their backyard.  They would put it up and the next morning it was down again.  Their property is backed up to a game reserve so it could be anything.  Glad we didn’t buy ourselves one.  I could get into so much trouble with something like that. 

Hope everyone has a great week.  Pet-scan on Wednesday…I’ll keep you posted.  Happy New Year to all and I hope that your 2012 is blessed with good health, friendship, love, and for our world… a cure for cancer.

Peace and hugs,



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