Pet-scan and New Year’s

Hi everyone!  Had my pet-scan yesterday.  I guess I will not get my results until Wednesday when I see Dr. Bevers.  I should get blood work results back at the same time.  Each time I have a scan it seems like the “stupid tube” gets smaller.  I was almost claustrophobic this time.  I wonder if the tech had my pillow too high or if I’m just gaining too much weight.  I’ll blame it on the pillow.  Kept hitting my elbows on the ceiling of that “thing” when it would move back and forth.  I need to bring my poster of George Strait and stick it to the roof of that “sucker” and forget all about the scan.  Can’t be too close to my man George!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2012.  Stay out of trouble on New Year’s Eve.  We will be at the Texan game on New Year’s Day….which means happy thoughts of totally kicking some Titan hinny!!!!!!



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