Monday Update

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!  Bill and I welcomed 2012 in with the whole house to ourselves.  Lani is visiting her boyfriend in South Carolina, taking a well deserved break from mom and granddad sitting.  But like every New Year’s Eve we have to dog sit our black lab, Starr, she hates the fireworks.  We just get all nestled up in bed and turn the TV on, volume full blast, so she can’t hear them explode. 

If you haven’t read the news from the pet-scan done on Wednesday…I was not a women real thrilled with the world.  I think I was too high up on the pillow for the scanner.  I will never use a pillow again!  My elbows were hitting the top of the tube.  My nose was like an inch from the ceiling.  My brain was thinking “get me the hell out of here” and I’m sure the things I had to say would have made a sailor blush but no one could hear me.  The machines speaker wasn’t working correctly.  I’m usually not upset about the scans…any of them…and believe me, I’ve had them all.  But I was ready to destroy a pet-scan machine!!!  Anyway, I guess I’ll get the results on Wednesday when I see Dr. Bevers.  No news is good news…right????

I started my 2012 cleaning on Saturday while I was cooking black-eyed peas and corned beef and cabbage.  The kitchen pantry was the first to receive my wrath of determined cleaning.  Cans, outdated sugar, unwanted foods, were tossed to make room for the new.  If you don’t remember, before Thanksgiving I encountered a mouse that I named “Minniemick” in my bathroom.  Well, now I know how it was getting it’s nourishment.  The master of all rodents had grazed in my pantry during the nights and slept all snug and warm in my closet by day.  The Ramon soup had been gnawed on,  my sacred Hershey’s Cocoa had been sabotaged, my favorite Lipton’s “extra noodle” soup in the packets had been destroyed and last but not least my green tea packs had been shredded.  And to top it all off I found it’s “droppings” all in a neat little pile where I guess it did it’s eating or passing out after gorging itself with the buffet.  Talk about Mighty Mouse!  (For those of you too young to remember Mighty Mouse was a popular cartoon on Saturday mornings in the 50’s).

I have made my New Year’s resolution.  Not one of those out of reach, never happen ones.  But one I believe in my heart I will achieve.  First of all Lani and I have started a new book. What fun we are having getting our thoughts together.  And you thought my mind was deranged….the two of us are a real trip!  So one goal is to get this book published.  And the other, very simple….LOVE,LAUGH,LIVE,LEARN!  And it starts with my love for all of you.  Hope you accomplish all your goals and love each day as it were your last.

Ride,Baby,Ride!  Hugs!


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