Pet-scan update

Hey everyone…great news!  Pet-scan showed nothing…except gall stones.  And I figured I had gall stones with the occasional pain I have in that area every now and then.  Had a nice visit with my handsome Dr. Bevers and decided to hit this cancer mess head on with another round of 3 chemos.  Just something that might help in the long run and could keep us a head of the game for a while.  Good Lord will’in and the creek don’t rise!  CA125 was a 1.  Awesome news on that.  Your prayers have worked.  Keep them coming my friends, I love you all.

I have made a wonderful discovery.  I have an ice tea pitcher that is designed so that tea is not only in the main part of the pitcher but also fills up in the handle too.  So the problem is “how do you clean the tea stains from inside the handle”?  Leave it to me….I asked Dr. Bevers if I could have several of his “rectal swabs” (yes, that’s what I asked).  They are long, about 16 inches,  has a flexible stem, and a big cotton ball on the end.  It looks like a q-tip on steroids!  Dr. Bevers request that I call them pom-poms.  This is due to the fact that patients get a little nervous when they see the “butt probe” headed toward the “ole bottom” and he’s calling it a rectal swab.  So it’s a pom-pom folks.  Like it would make you feel anymore comfortable seeing it coming at you and changing it’s name.  But… we have a new invention.  The rectal swab tea pitcher cleaner.  It flexes to reach inside the handle and cleans away all the tea residue.  Dr. Bevers and I will be famous, patent pending!

The only other thing to report is the nausea drug that I have been taking for chemo has done a small toll on me.  I did not realize that the drug Dexamethasone contains a steroid that MAKES YOU FAT!!!!!!  I have gained about 10 pounds and could not figure out why it was staying on with my exercise and dietary habits.  Now I know.  The rear-end I couldn’t find for a while has been located.  It ran away from home but now it’s back.  So I guess it will be another 2 months of taking this stuff, giving I will be having 3 more chemos.  So if you see me, do me a favor and don’t mention the “junk in the trunk”!

Texan game on Saturday.  Will be going with Bill and the boys, Casey and Dusty.  Let’s hope for a victory.  Hopefully you will not see an old woman going completely berserk on national TV chasing the entire team because they “blew” the playoffs.  I’ll be the one with “junk in my truck”!!!!

Ride,Baby,Ride!  Hugs!


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