Monday Update

Has to be a full moon!!!!  Was pounced upon this  morning at 3AM by our black lab Starr, who was shaking like a leaf due to the thunder and lightning.  So, I had Bill snoring and Starr shaking and lightning striking so close I could see, in the back field, the brown eyes of the cattle shining.  Alarm went off at 6AM.  Time to get up shower and start out for chemo.  One small problem …Fulshear is under a tornado warning until 11AM.  We had hail, rain that was blowing sideways, and wind.  Turns out there was a tornado that touched down in Fulshear.  Finally left for chemo about 9:30.  Without eyelashes I might add.  Blew off the minute I went out the door. Not a good time to wear falsies!  And thank the Lord…we took the Jeep!  Sailed through high water, leaped curbs (when needed) in a single bound, and had people following me like I knew what the hell I was doing.  There would have been a massive explosion of the minds if they knew they were following an ole lady going to chemo! 

Got to chemo and had to give blood and wait for the results.  Finally got started on the miracle juice at 1PM.  First problem..had an allergic reaction to something and turned red all over my chest.  Back to square one.  Second start up was a charm and we were on our way.  Finished up about 7PM and got home about 8-ish.  My special nurses that take care of me are awesome.  Tracy, Betsy, and Susan.  Betsy got to leave early..lucky her.  And Tracy and Susan stayed the duration.  The janitors were there cleaning when we left.  I know Tracy was thinking about leaving and letting the janitor pull the plug on my port.  And she is going to kill me for saying that!!!!!  Love you Tracy!  White cell injection on Wednesday and then through for the week.  Thanks Libby for Magoo (dad) sitting today. 

How about those Texans?  If you didn’t go to the game you didn’t get to feel the excitement of the fans.  The guys did their part and we the fans, did ours.  The noise level was unbelievable.  They said they had to open the roof at the end of the game just to let the noise out!  I think Andy Dalton (Bengals QB) ears are still ringing!  AWESOME JOB!

Special thanks for all of you who e-mailed me today worried because you did not get a Monday Update early this morning.  I don’t know what I would do without such a loyal prayer group and friends like all of you.  Y’all make this cancer thing so much easier.  Thank you Dr. Bevers for your phone call and to my pal Lindsay Bevers for your e-mail.  I am so blessed.

Well, guess I’ll go get the vacuum cleaner out.  First night of chemo is always an active evening.  Yes, and even Dr. Bevers nailed this one, Bill won’t hear a thing.  He’ll just think the cleaning fairy came over night.  I’ll tell him that she cleaned the house naked, bald, and grooving out to the Temptations.  I bet he “stays up” next chemo!  Literally!!! 

An unknown wrote this little saying and I’d like to pass it on.  “It’s not about being who everyone else wants you to be.  It’s about being yourself and finding someone who loves every bit of it”.  Thank you to all of you… for loving every bit of it.  Ride,Baby,Ride!

Hugs from Fulshear,



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