Cowgirl Up!!!! Mammo Report

How fun are mammograms????  I say this every time but there has to be a better way.  With all the new technology out there you know there has to be some male behind this getting revenge in some way for women naggers.  Here is a woman, (now a man doing this it might give me a little dignity) but this woman who you’ve never met, manipulates your bazooma’s for or 30 minutes or so.  Fully squashing, squeezing, squishing, clasping, flattening, deflating, compressing, clutching, and pinching the knockers so that they feel like a Minute Maid orange does while being made into juice.  So here I am stripped from waist down, wig hanging on for dear life, and a hospital gown opened at the front.  Now, why a gown?  At one point I had both “barrels” up there at the same time.  And Yogi Bear nipple band aids?  Really?  (What do you do for a living?….I manufacture nipple band aids)!  If I am going to wear a nipple band aid I want George Strait’s picture on it.  Anyway,  I wanted to tell my breast cancer friends that I will have to do this twice a year from now on.  One mammogram and one breast MRI.  There is an option to remove the ta-ta’s to avoid breast cancer, which as you all know I am at high risk of with the BRCA 2 positive mutation.  But Dr. Bevers says to wait a while and lets fight this ovarian stuff first.  I have come to the conclusion…women could avoid a whole lot of headaches if they would just have all female parts removed after the child bearing business.  I mean wow, I think I could have certainly lived without the reproductive parts and the only person that would be upset about losing the “hooters” would have been Bill.  But I want to thank Jennifer the tech and Martha the nurse for being so sweet and trying to make it a good experience.  Martha’s niece just found out that she has stage 3 ovarian cancer.  Please send prayers out to her.  I am not sure of her name but the Lord knows who you mean!

Looking forward to getting a new week started.  Lots to do.  Talked with my website guru, Tony, yesterday and he has added Facebook and working on adding the sale of Ride,Baby,Ride t-shirts to the site.  Many of you have been asking me when they will be on the website for sale…so real soon.  There is even a book/t-shirt deal if you get both.  Thanks for all the support.  We are slowly raising money for MD Anderson ovarian cancer research.  I have a lunch date from Kristine with MD on Tuesday to get the money in MD’s hands.  I’ll get everyone the info as it becomes available. 

Hugs from Fulshear,


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