Monday Update

Good morning! 

Had a pretty good weekend.  Mostly inside due to rainy weather on Saturday and a cool but beautiful Sunday here in Houston.  I updated quite a bit on Saturday.  But do have some new information for you.

My CA 125 came back a 2.  So I am real excited about that.  It was a 1 last time but can fluctuate a little each way depending on where ( meaning which lab does the calibrating) and who (which tech calibrates it).  So as my nurses at Bevers office tell me,  I am doing really well.  I am feeling a lot stronger now which is normal after a week of pure hell right after chemo.  It just takes time to recover from the body being poisoned every few weeks. 

My son Dusty came over to help Bill do a few things around the property and was nice enough to shave what fuzz I had left on my head off.  I was being ridiculed for looking like Karl Rove!  No rest for the sick …the family is supposed to be supportive.  Not on the floor laughing their asses off.  OMG!!!!  It was true.  Bald with fuzzy gray strands of hair sticking out all over my head.  And if I put on my glasses with the “steroid rounded face look”…I could have been his twin.  Anyway…took care of that dilemma real quick. 

Our little wren family is back and busy building their nest on our back porch in a hanging basket.  They were singing and putting on a show this morning.  Bill and I sat at the kitchen table laughing and listening and watching all the commotion going on.  Just watching the amazing energy God’s creatures have, gives me the energy to keep fighting.  When the plethora of every day problems seem to require more and more of our time and energy that’s when we need to step back and say look at the wrens.  God has given them the knowledge and strength to keep going. They trust Him.  We need to know that God has given us too the knowledge and strength…we just need to ask for it and use it and trust Him.  Meanwhile the mockingbird family up by the front gate have been busy too.  All kinds of stuff going on out there.  Battles for territory and mates is always fun to watch. 

Which brings me to my mate.  Has anyone every tried the earphones that they advertise on the TV.  The ones that amplify the speaker levels for the one wearing them.  You plug this “thingy” in the receiver and the person can turn up the volume without bothering anyone else.  Lani and I are looking for a pair of those headsets.  Our den TV is on the wall that is shared with her bedroom.  And the headboard of her bed.  When Bill is watching TV she is dislodged from her bed and blown to Bermuda by the blast of airwaves.  Heaven forbid the days she wakes up with a hangover.  If you have tried these or know anyone that has….please let me know.  I wonder if mother mock or mother wren has the same problem. 

Have a wonderful week and I will be adding new things every few days.  I have lunch tomorrow with Kristine from MD Anderson to discuss the ovarian cancer research fund.  I’ll get the details of that to you.  Really looking forward to getting things going.  I have a check waiting for them.  Thanks to all of you who have purchased books and have bought t-shirts.  Please pass the word so that we can raise more money.  Take care and Ride,Baby,Ride!



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