Monday Update

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”  or something like that.  I should win the academy award!  I out did Magoo by a land slide!  Mom, wife,teacher,coach,author, and now actress.  I worked up to the big day to drop the announcement that we were leaving for our train trip until Friday morning.  Each day I dropped bigger and bigger hints until finally Friday morning the “cat was out of the bag”.  So Magoo (dad) counter performed (which still amazes me how he does it and actually thinks it will work) on his “I’ll get you for this my little pretty and your little dog too”!  This time…dad informs us he can’t hear.  What happened …a land mine explosion?  No, wax build up.  So that he couldn’t get away with anything our friend and family doctor saw him in his office on Sunday (thanks Mark for being such a saint) and cleaned out his ears.  I have to admit wax did come out but about the amount to make a wax figure of an ant!!!  We all teamed up so that he had no excuse for ruining our trip.  I still say he is over there in his adobe scheming up something.  We leave here for the airport about 11AM.  Fingers and toes are crossed.

Oakland here we come and Silver Iris (the name of our train car that our doctor friend Mark Bing owns) here we come.   There will be updates if I can get to a computer this week.  Otherwise we will return home Tuesday week and I will have all kinds of news for you.  I’m sure Lani will have numerous tales too.  Never a dull moment when she is dad-sitting Magoo.   But I am so looking forward to getting away before my final chemo scheduled when I return.  Please pray for a safe trip…of course we wake up this morning and the first thing we hear on Fox News is a train derailment in Ontario, Canada.  Never fails does it? 

Love and hugs to you all.  Ride,Baby,Ride!



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