The California Caper!

We’re back!  And the stories are endless.  So I will start out with the flight to Oakland to catch the train and then go through each escapade from there.  Giving everyone a break in between.

The flight to Oakland was smooth and enjoyed meeting people who sat around us on the plane.  We arrived in Oakland and took a cab to Emeryville where we checked in to the Hyatt House.  Our room overlooked the train station…so we had choo-choo’s going through all night.    Which I loved.  The clickety clack of the wheels was very soothing.  We went down to the bar for drinks and dinner and met up with another train car mate.  Dr. Clemis Jackson.  (He is in the same offices with Dr. Mark Bing who owns the train car).  The next morning we boarded the snow train.  It had about 15 cars (guessing…it was long).  We were the first car behind the engines.  And on the way to Reno we were serenaded by ELVIS!  Yes, Elvis was in the building or in this case “on board”.  Blue sequined suit and all.  It was a hoot!!!!!  On our way to Reno and climbing up to 5,000 feet …we experienced a unbelievable snow storm.  This Texas girl was so excited.  I have never seen that much snow.  When we arrived in Reno we got off the train and hit the casinos.  There were so many wonderful traveling companions in our car.  Coni and Donna, Shelly and Jerome, Ann and Ken, Clemis, Alan, and our crew..Jan, Bob, and my friend Mark Bing.  Thanks for making our trip so enjoyable….we had a blast!

First night on the train.  Now how do I describe hauling my fat ass up that tiny ladder to my upper berth sleep station?  Well, it’s better than Bill’s butt falling out of the top bunk in the middle of the night.  So he got the lower berth.  You have to know this part.  The entire cabin was about 10′ long and about 6′ wide.  With suitcases and small table…that doesn’t leave much room.  Each room had a toilet and sink.  This area was 3′ by 3′.  Talk about claustrphobic!  Pooping in there was worse than being in the pet scan tube!  My next pet scan I’ll be laughing my rear off thinking about the train bathroom adventures.  The second night on the train I told Bill to move over.  My body was not climbing that ladder again.  The night before I had my wig perched on the ceiling of the toilet along with my glass of wine.  Hell, I wasn’t going to come down for anything and have to go back up.  Well, I gave in when I had to pee.  But I cussed myself all the way down and back up.  So the second night, Bill slept with his head at  one end and mine at the other.  Don’t ask…a pictures worth a 1000 words…and believe me there is no Facebook floating pictures of that!!!  The ride back was just as beautiful.  Lots of snow until we came to the bottom of the mountains.

So ends the first part of our trip.  Hope everyone has been well and had a good week.  We see Reba tomorrow at the rodeo.  Can’t wait for that.  Have a great rest of the week and I’ll be back tomorrow will more on the trip.  Missed you all.





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