Trying to get through the Weekend

Have no idea what happened to me.  Dr. Bevers said I must have caught a “bug” probably on the plane or some other tight quarters.  Could not go to the Reba concert last night.  And now glad I didn’t with all the rain,wind, and chilly temp.  Instead, home in bed with 101 fever…coughing my head and chest off.  Lani and Dusty (my daughter and son) went to Reba for Bill and me.  I couldn’t imagine giving up chute tickets.  Still coughing this morning and chest and throat are hurting….but I have to get well for chemo on Monday. 

I need to pick up where I left off on the trip.  So I will start with leaving Oakland.  At the airport we were getting ready to board our flight when the entire St. Mary’s college basketball team shows up to get on the same plane headed for Vegas.  They were playing in the Western Conf. finals.  Anyway, there are not enough seats.  So Southwest is asking people to give up there seats and take a later flight.  We volunteer an in doing so receive a voucher for $200. a piece in Southwest Airlines tickets.  Then when that second flight was due to take off they were asking for 2 seats because they had to get a crew somewhere else so we gave up our seats again.  This time we received $400. each in Southwest Airline tickets.  So now we are up to $1200.   Lani said we should stay in Oakland…we were making more money than we would ever make in Vegas.  She did have a point.  Finally arrived in Vegas about 7:30PM on Friday.  We saw 2 great shows  Human Nature which is a show about Smokey Robinson hits in the old Motown days.  It was awesome.  In fact they are getting ready to go on tour around the country…look them up on line.  The other show was a tribute to the Bee Gees.  Also a fantastic show.  We also visited our old friends, Cheryl and girls, at the keno booth and our friend Don in the sports-book.  Also visited with our favorite waitress at the Cafe every morning for breakfast…thanks Vera!  Only ran into one asshole the whole Vegas trip which I took with a grain of salt.  The kind of person if you were stuck on an elevator you wouldn’t choose her to be on it with you.  You know…I had a better time trying to put on my underwear pregnant!!!

Anyway trying to get well and I’ll be back with other little things that happened on our trip.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…I don’t think so.



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