Prayers for Lindsay and me

OK …tomorrow is a big day.  Please pray for good blood work results so that I can have the last chemo tomorrow.  Sure ready to have real hair again.  Although not looking forward to taking the steroids once more…my butt is already the size of Dallas…but soon I’ll be back in the pool and off the “fat formers”.  Not used to looking in the mirror and seeing a bald headed hippo!

Please send a special prayer out to my pal Lindsay.  While I’m having chemo tomorrow she will be having a little procedure of her own.  With the prayer network working for you …it will be a breeze! 

FYI…The Foundation For Women’s Cancer is offering a free Ovarian Cancer Survivors Course on Friday, March 23, 2012. At Hilton Austin.  500 East 4TH Street, Austin, TX.  It is for survivors, friends, family members and anyone interested in the “what’s new” in the gynecological world of cancer research.  I have been to one here in Houston and it was so informative.  Please pass the word to those you think might be interested.



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