Monday Update on Tuesday

Good morning!  Doing very well after chemo.  THE LAST CHEMO… I might add.  I think that’s what makes it tolerable.  Slept off and on last night with no nausea.  Will probably do the same today.  Craving everything in sight, as usual, thanks to the steroids!  But no nausea, what can I say, I’m good.  Chemo fog is slowly setting in.  Have to reread everything I write several times.  Always catching a few mishaps.  If you find any just bare with me.  No reactions to any chemo drugs yesterday.  Started the drip slow on the Taxol and then sped up.  Carboplatin was OK too.  Will probably get my usual rash today about 2 PM.  Never fails and we still can’t put a finger on what causes it although several theories have been thrown out there.  It really doesn’t matter…you just have to live with it anyway.  Thanks to my wonderful nurses Betsy, Tracy, Susan, and Rena for taking such good care of me.  I love you all but hope I do not have to see you again for chemo reasons anytime soon.  But I will see you tomorrow for the dreaded $8,000. white cell injection!  UGH!!!  Always makes my day!

Wanted to add something that happened at the end of our trip.  when leaving Las Vegas we got to the airport early to get a bit to eat before boarding and of course the wonderful “pat-down” I get at the airport.  I think the port above my right boob throws the scanner off so I just always get patted down.  Hey, probably better for me since I’ve been through so many medical scans in the last 2 years with cancer.  Anyway the winds were blowing 70mph.  The hotel limo was swaying all over the road.  That was only the beginning.  The plane was delayed because our connecting flight was not able to land because of all the wind and huge dust storm (you couldn’t even see the buildings on the Vegas Strip) and they were rerouted to Ontario!  OK, our crew is in Ontario and now we are stuck until they can muster up a crew.  We had 2 stewards and they were looking for one more.  About an hour after we were supposed to take off they gathered a pilot and co-pilot.  I hated to ask from where…hopefully it wasn’t from a bar.  Although that might have been a plus under these circumstances.  Believe me, the good Lord and I had a serious discussion…I’ve made it this far with the cancer curse…I ain’t going down on this plane!  Of course, plenty of Merlot helped…tremendously!!!!!!  We get seated and the steward was taking drink orders, I think it was a shrewd tactic of keeping out mind off of the plane, parked at the gate moving back and forth to the rhythm of the wind.  OMG, yes, 2 wines please…no wait where is the winery????  If Leilani has nine lives…I probably went through several!   But we made it home and that’s what counts.  Lani, Casey, and my brother D, took good care of Magoo. 

Of course, Magoo had to have a problem right when I enter the door coming home from chemo.  He has another tooth ache.  I told Bill I am going to sedate him and pull his teeth out myself! Maybe I won’t sedate him…hmmm.  Don’t mess with me in chemo fog!!  Not wise.  Until we can get him a dentist appt. (spring break, dentist has kids and vacation) he is stuck with the oral gel treatments.  Man, I shouldn’t be in the clinical trials…dad should be. 

Hope everyone has a great week.  Check the blog often.  I’m always adding stuff. 

Ride,Baby,Ride!  Hugs,



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