Rough Week

Sorry I have been a little under the weather.  I ‘ll try to catch everyone up on what’s been happening.  Had chemo Monday…was fine.  Seemed to be fine all day Tuesday and Wednesday AM.  Had my $8,000.00 white cell shot Wed. morning.  Went to pick up pills at the pharmacy and grab some Chinese for lunch.  Started feeling a little nauseated Wed. night.  By Thursday I was running 101 fever and throwing up.  Friday morning I felt pretty good.  Well enough I thought to go out to the Houston Livestock Show and walk around and see the exhibits.  Wrong!!!  Almost passed out.  Figured out that a bladder infection must have entered the picture somewhere along the line because I couldn’t pee.  Burned…hurt…but already on Augmentin I thought this should pass quickly.  It did.  But still coughing my head off and throwing up mucus. Sounds like a soap opera!  But  I feel I am in good company, half the people in Houston have the crud these days.  Must be some mass biological attack by “our enemies”  to make us all miserable.

Magoo, Dad, is still complaining about his teeth.  We will take care of that Tuesday.  In the meantime we are keeping Oral Gel in business.  The man thinks it grows on trees.  Anyone have Oral Gel seeds to plant?  And if his Plavix goes up any higher in price we’ll all have to go out and try to find a job.  Lani has the honors of dentist duty on Tuesday.  I’m sure this ought to be good.

My sis-in-law Libby was house sitting for the last month for our friends Linda and David.  L&D went on a month’s vacation cruise to “Down Under” and just returned.  During this past week Libby’s mother fell and broke her leg.  So please include Ellen’s speedy recovery in your prayers.  So, I’m glad of the return of our friends and anxious to visit soon.  However,  they both came back with the crud!  Add two more victims to the crap!  I’m sure my nephew (their dog) Tanner, was so excited to have them back.  Although, our dogs love seeing Aunt Libby coming.  She spoils them rotten!

I have heard from many of you that Bill and I met on our trip.  Thanks for your support with the book.  It makes me feel so special that all of you are so supportive of the book and my determination to help the ovarian cancer cause.  I will be sending info on a big fundraiser that we are undertaking to start a ovarian cancer research fund along with the proceeds from the book.  Tell me if you have any fundraising ideas.  I’m open to them all.  Sounds like a big gathering in Fulshear and another in Houston. 

Talk with you tomorrow with the Monday update.  Ride,Baby,Ride!!!!




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