Monday Update

Good morning!!!!

Yes, I said good.  Seems like I’m just back down to the plain ole crud now.  Chemo fog has lifted and nausea and bladder infection seem to have left the scene.  Thank goodness!  Seriously, I was sick!!!!!  I don’t complain too often but all of that at once is too much for any one.

To start off…no names mentioned to protect the guilty and the innocent…I have been told that someone had “a bone” to pick with me!  So I listened and laughed my ass off.  I have now decided that men need a special name for their privates.  We cannot have little boys calling their genitals “who-who’s”.    So for all the men out there I will make sure that your “package” is called “rod and reel”!  I would call it the “remote” but one might get confused since you always have that in your hands all the time too.   I am flattered that the “who-who’ has become so popular but I can see where men would not want their package called that.  Problem solved!!!

I want to thank a friend of mine…Richard Phillips.  He lives in North Carolina and his church sends me post cards monthly.  I want you to know that I received one of these post cards right when I really needed it.  I was throwing up sick and Bill came in with the mail and said “this ought to cheer you up”.  It made my whole day.  The love that God sends is unending.  Thanks Richard.  You’ll never know how much calmness that put in me.  It was John14:27.

Tomorrow is Academy Award day again for Magoo.  It’s already started.  Dragging his butt and moaning about his tooth.  But when we leave he sits down watches TV and I guess thinks of his next move.  He forgets we observe him 24-7 on the monitor.  You really have to see it.  My sis-in -law Libby came by yesterday for a visit and did he ever bamboozie her.  The rest of us sat in the house watching and laughing.  Anyway, Lani will have all the scoop tomorrow. 

This will certainly be a week of catching up and trying to get things back in prospective.  Supposed to have a pet-scan sometime next week.  Have not heard from St. Luke’s on timing.  A Dr. Bevers appt. on April 2nd and I guess that should be it for a while.  For all of you who have been through the cancer experience or know of someone that has experienced it know that I am staying optimistic but am always looking out for my back.  The time I spend with family and friends is so precious to me and not having to deal with the chemo every three weeks is definitely a plus.  Please keep your prayers coming and know that I feel every one of them. 

Pool dude, Scott, is here to make sure our pool is ready to go the minute I can possibly get in it.  So have a great week and let me hear from all of you.  Know that your love keeps me going.  Something a friend sent me…A dog has so many friends because he wags his tail instead of his mouth.  Sounds like a great life lesson to pay attention to.




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