Magoo Excursion

OK…I didn’t forget everyone was waiting for the Magoo episode with the dentist, I was just trying to figure out the best way to pass it on.  Lani has been drinking ever since she got home.  Mumbling, words that sound like chants from the ancient Mayans.  To start the “Tales from the Magoo Crypt” we will go back to 6AM Tuesday morning.  Bill and I are sound asleep and dad yells into the intercom…”Is it time to get up”?  I literally jumped 4 feet off the bed.  (Of course Bill doesn’t hear a thing…not that expected him to).  I told dad to go back to sleep it was only 6.  AT 6:15AM…”Leilani is it time to get up”?    OK…I’ve had enough.  Sure dad… get up.  I’ll be over in 2 hours with your breakfast.  6:30AM  the man is sitting in his chair dressed to go to the dentist.  And that is where he was sitting when Bill served him breakfast at 8:30.  We told him we would leave about 9:45 for his 10:30 appt.  At 9:15 he was knocking on our door ready to leave.  Lani is just getting out of bed.  He went ballistic.  So he didn’t talk to Lani the entire trip to the dentist, at the dentist, or back from the dentist.  He spoke with all the girls there and to the doctor but not to Lani.  Got back he wouldn’t talk to Bill and treated me like he didn’t know who I was.  Oh, well.  That lasted for about 10 minutes with me or until he needed something.  Turns out there was actually nothing wrong with the teeth other than just being 98 years old.  Dr. Kaestner said he can only do so much and then we might think about having a few of them pulled.  Have not run this past Magoo yet.  Probably won’t until he starts complaining again.  But now we are looking for a “shrink” for Lani.  One who understands the Mayan dialect.

Good news.  My CA125 that was taken before the last chemo was a 2.  So no change…thank goodness and now just waiting on the pet-scan next week.  This time I’m going to insist that there is no pillow.  My nose was way too close to the top of that machine last time.  It really freaked me out.  So pray for a quick and uneventful pet-scan on the 29TH.  Another fun day of being injected with the nuclear fluid and feeling like a ninja turtle.  I just love glowing in the dark. 

Had an e-mail from Dr. Mark Bing.  So jealous…he is back on the train heading for Seattle.  They had stopped a beer garden somewhere and I was sent a pic.  Wish I were there Mark, so much fun.  Also heard from several new friends that we had met on our trip to Reno.  Bill and I want to go out to California and stay at a winery/bed&breakfast and do some wine tours.  Sounds like a vacation made in heaven to me!  Any suggestions from any of y’all out there please let us know.

Bluebonnets are everywhere.  Front acreage looks just like the cover of my book.  One of God’s special gifts to us each morning I wake up during the spring.  Couldn’t ask for more.  Mother mockingbird still comes every day to the front door for her daily handful of nuts.  And the huge hawk is scoping the bluebonnets for critters.  And if there is a snake anywhere to be found…he’d better get it.  Because if I see it first…people in China will wonder what that scream was.

Until next time…Ride,Baby,Ride!!!! Hugs,


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