Monday/Tuesday Update

One, two, three JUMP!  It was time to hit the pool yesterday.  I was so ready for this.  Got my fat, steroid ass in my swimsuit, grabbed my sun screen, and my extra large beach towel (just in case someone snuck up on me and I had to go incognito) and started my leg exercises and water weights.  I have been waiting for the water temp to rise above 80 degrees so yesterday we hit an 83. It felt so good.  Anyway, I was enjoying the beautiful day yesterday so I’m a little late on the Monday Update.

Everywhere I go I’m on the lookout for snakes.  Our neighbor Marvin informed us that he killed a big copperhead last week and our neighbor behind us who has all the cattle said she shot 3 water moccasins which were sunning on a log in her pond.  UGH!!!! Lani and I got the shotgun out yesterday too.  Only it was for some guy thinking (or not thinking at all) he was just going to come in our locked gate and walk up the driveway without causing a ruckus.  Wrong!  Once face to face with Moochie and Starr and with a bald headed woman and her gun…. he stopped dead in his tracks.  Turns out he said he worked for Center Point and was changing out all the meters in the neighborhood.  #1, he did not have a Center Point energy uniform on and was in an unmarked white truck.  Just what did he expect two country girls to do?  Nobody just makes themselves at home out in the country where all the neighbors tote arms!  Found out from others that similar incidences went on throughout the hood!  I’m sure after changing our meter he had to change his underwear.  I still can’t believe a company that big would not call first or send a notice warning people that they will be coming on a certain date.  Big mistake on their part.  Anyway, that will teach them to mess with Fulshear Farms.  Hi-ho Silver…away!!!!

I will have a pet-scan on Thursday.  Oh, joy!  So as soon as I hear something, I will let all know.  I have an appointment with Dr. Bevers on April 2ND so I should definitely find something out then.  Other than that I’m slowly getting over the crud.  Not coughing as much and I got off the Cipro so I could get in the sun.  (Suns a no-no with Cipro).  Thanks for the e-mails.calls and prayers.  You all know how much I really appreciate the support and friendship.  So, back to “reptile watch” and believe me I will be packing my pistol as I roam “the back forty”.  As I have said since day one,  the only good snakes a dead one!  Better yet…not to encounter one at all!!!! EEEK!

Hugs!  Ride,Baby,Ride!


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