The Dreaded Pet-scan

After fasting since midnight, I bravely entered the pet-scan imaging center and took my place in line behind all the others dreading “the tube”.  Soon I was once again nuked with the radioactive crap and deposited in a room for 45 minutes for the juice to flow through my system.   I was very relieved to see my usual scan tech, Dawn, back from vacation.  The last girl, if you remember, had my nose stuck to the ceiling or up my ass in that thing that I almost lost it.  Dawn had me as low as she could and I only used a little bit of the pillow so that I wound up about 5 or 6 inches from the tube ceiling.  Still awful but tolerable.  So I’m thinking of ways to pass 20 minutes.  First of all they play music in the room.  So in my infinite wisdom I figured out how to keep track of 20 minutes.  I decided if each song was about 3 minutes long …it would take approx. 7 songs to get me through.  Needless to say the first 5 went so slow.  Next I thought of things just to keep my mind busy while I was counting songs.  How about pet-scan tube graffiti?  Have a Sharpie hanging in there and write stuff that everyone is probably thinking while stuck in this thing.  Like, Leilani was here, I can’t breathe, I’ve got to scratch my ass, where’s the TV, Can anyone hear me?, Beam me up Scotty, this end up, I’ve got to pee, has anyone ever had sex in here?, and so on and so on.  I would love to hear what you all would write.  I’m sure the girls at pet-imaging, Dawn and Leo, are going to kill me. 

I have not heard from Dr. Bevers as to any results.  He probably will not get them till Monday AM.  So hopefully he’ll have them when I see him at 2 on Monday.  I guess in this situation…no news is good news.  But as soon as I know I will pass it on.  The Monday update will not be on the blog until I get back from the appointment…so check the blog late Monday afternoon.  Special prayer network request while on the subject of Dr. Bevers….please send out a special prayer for another Dr. Bevers patient who is needing our help…please add Gwen to your prayer list.  Thanks!

Have a blessed weekend on this Palm Sunday time of celebration. And let me hear from you.  I will be a little nervous until I hear from the doctor, but will try not to think too much about it.  Easier said than done! 



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