Pet-scan Celebration

Celebrate!!!!!!  Pet-scan negative on everything!  From eyes to thighs.  Dr. Bevers and I were both quite excited.  Thank you to all that gave me strength to go on.  Looks like the good Lord has something laid out for me to do here in the near future.  Probably just to keep bugging Dr. Bevers.  So, nothing for 3 months and then another CA125.

I did get to meet a lady today, and her husband, that I have been wanting to meet for a while now.  So to Gwen…it was a pleasure and next time you and hubby are in town let’s get together.  Life is full of surprises and you are of them. It is so nice to meet great people like you.  By the way, OWL’S are awesome!

The only thing I need to add is there needs to be an antidote for steroids!  I’m afraid to go to the zoo thinking the bull hippo might think I’m his cow.  Although I have lost 4 pounds (thank goodness for swimming), but that still doesn’t make me feel any better.  So …no trips to the zoo for a while until I shed another 20!  What ever happened to the days where I was looking for my ass?  Hell, now “it” makes a corner before I do! 

My baby, Dusty, turns 28 on Wednesday.  So I will be celebrating all day Wednesday that I have three great kids and that I deserve a pat on the back.  And I deserve every gray hair too…..if I had hair!!!!!  All ass and no hair, go figure. 

Keep in touch…don’t forget to check the blog at least 3 times a week.  I still need you.  It ain’t over until the fat lady sings and I ain’t singing yet!!!!  Hugs from Fulshear.



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