Bug’s Eye View

It’s hard to pick which “man” to start with!  So I’ll just pick my wonderful, hard of hearing husband to talk about first.   Bill was torn between sitting in his recliner, drinking a beer and watching Rambo for the two hundredth time or get on the lawn tractor and tackle the dreaded horse field.  With my wifely persuasion I encouraged him to get off the recliner and put his bottom on the mower instead.  So switching his beer to a bottled water he set out to conquer two and one half acre horse playground.  Poop and all!  He normally wears a ball cap and protective goggles but it was late afternoon so he decided, in all of his wisdom, to face nature free of gear.  When he comes back in…bald spot on head sunburned, he says I think I got something in my eye.  OK, first of all …you THINK you have something in your eye?  So as I play “Nancy Nurse”, and Bill whining, the dogs start going berserk.  Squirrel in the front alert!  And lo and behold Magoo decides to visit.  What else can happen?  You guessed it…the phone rings.  And people wonder why I drink!!!!  So as I get everything settled and get back to Bill’s eye I noticed that it was extremely red in the corner.  So I had him wash it out and of course put some Visine in there just to say I did something.  Two days later at the eye doctor’s office…I am watching as the doc takes Bill’s eyelid, flips it up, takes a q-tip, and goes to work. You’ll never believe what was removed!  Bug body parts!!!! Only a piece of wing and leg…UGH.  Dr. Goffman told me I need to learn the Boy Scout way of getting things out of the eye.  I politely told him that I had never been a Boy Scout but a Girl Scout and our deal was selling cookies.  #1 Girl Scouts don’t get things in their eyes, we are smart enough to wear goggles when mowing.

So now having to take Bill to the opthamologist we were stuck with leaving Magoo home alone for a couple of hours.  Remember Lani will not be back from South Carolina until tomorrow night.  Dusty and Casey were working and daughter-in-law Michele was without a car for the day.  So instructions for dad are do NOT go outside, you could fall off the porch.  Make sure when you do get up that you have your walker with you.  I set out 2 bottled waters, a Dr. Pepper, and made a sandwich for his lunch.  Butter cookies for dessert.  All set.  All goes well.  We return home and where is Magoo?  He is on our back porch!  Without his walker!  With his sandwich in his hand!  I’m sure you get the picture all except he only had on his pajama bottoms!!!!  No there is not enough wine in Napa Valley!!!!!

I have several great things to report.  My friend Jenny who lost her husband 3 years ago has taken the big step to date again.  I’m so proud of her.  And to top it all off….she is going to be a grandma!  Way to go Jenny…I’m so proud of you.  Life’s too short, get out there and make the best of it!  I also want to remind everyone that there will be a Cancer walk at MD Anderson this Saturday.  The info about the walk are on my blog that I posted a couple of weeks ago.  Check it out.  My pal Lindsay will be my reporter for the “walk happenings”.  

Still working on increasing my swimming laps.  Now up to 50 each day.  The water has been perfect and there is no place I’d rather be than in the pool.  And working on decreasing the steroid weight.  I feel like I have a “popcorn butt”, and it exploded.  Bill and I will be at the Astro game on Wednesday.  My handsome Dr. Cook sent me tickets and I am so excited to get away and relax.  So everyone have a blessed week and enjoy the wonderful weather we are having.  Ride,Baby,Ride!



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