Magoo Moments

Magoo is on the loose!  And boy, did he have a special week.  To begin with he started complaining about his “neanderthal” teeth again.  But little did he know the gang was well ahead of him.  Anticipating mouth trouble the wonderful staff at Dr.Kaestner’s office pre-scheduled an appointment….just in case!  So the “teeth saints” went to work.  By the way, the teeth saints include Dr.Kaestner, his nurse Carolina and the incredible Gail who never lets me down when a “Magoo moment” arrives.  God bless all of you.  So Magoo’s appointment is at 10:30 AM…dad is on his front porch ready to go at 7.  I s_ _t you not!!!  The man was rocking in his rocker fully dressed and had his alarm clock in his hand.  Even the mockingbirds were saying “do you know what time it is”?  Anyway we got his 97 year old ass in the truck, threw his walker in the truck bed, (probably should have switched those positions…what was I thinking?)  Bill was in the back seat and removes his hearing aids for the ride into town.  Dad keeps talking to Bill and I keep telling him …Bill can’t hear you.  Bill’s butt was left at the corner of Chimney Rock and Richmond.  Don’t pick him up if you see him!

Friday night I’m putting Magoo to bed and he has taken everything off his nightstand and deposited the items on a chair on the other side of the bed.  I’m totally confused as to what he is trying to tell me.  Turns out he said there was a lump in his bed and he needs a new mattress so he can get comfortable.  OK, my first thought is what is the lump in the bed?  Did Lilly bring in another dead rabbit and hide it, or was it Lilly herself, or did Magoo leave something in the bed.  Could not find anything.  Then he says he can’t find his flashlight…it’s not on the night stand where it always is.  Hello, nothing is on the nightstand…you moved everything…your flashlight is on the chair with all your other crap!  It took a whole bottle of Merlot to get me through that night. 

But besides driving everyone nuts he was honored at a Big Brother Big Sister dinner where 8 wonderful young people will get to go to college because of the Essary Scholarship Fund.  My brother, Bill, Lani and I got to meet the nicest families.  Dad, unfortunately could not attend because of his teeth pain.  And thank you Ron Hadley, president of BBBS for all you have done to coordinate this wonderful event.  The entire family is so proud.

My side-kick, Lani, flew off to South Carolina yesterday.  Will be gone for about 10 days.  Stocking the shelves with plenty of “spirits”.  OMG…just Bill, Magoo and moi!  Lord help me …I’m just waiting for one of them to “make my day”.  And you know what I mean!!!!!  Other than that, I had a dermatologist appointment with Dr. Adam.  You remember from the book he is the doctor that used a magnifying glass on my “who-who”.  Probably gave Dr. Bevers all kind of ideas, as though he needed encouragement!  This time after a complete exam I came away with only two small places to freeze.  One on my right arm and one one my right cheek.  Not that cheek…face cheek!  Where are your minds?  And my hair is slowly growing back.  Head looks like a baby bird.  All fuzz.  And major annoucement…ta-da…I had to shave my legs yesterday.  Always a thrill….that’s the one thing I liked about not having hair!  Still Brazilian every where else.  I knew all the men were waiting for that one to be answered.

Have a great week.  Love you all!  Ride,Baby,Ride!


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