Busy Week

Last week was  very busy .  Got a lot done.  And there is all kinds of things going on this week.  Main thing…numero uno was getting my teeth cleaned for the first time in a year.  I was due for a cleaning last October but started chemo and could not get it done.  There is no other feeling like a good  power washing of the mouth.  So thanks Dr. Kaestner and the girls for making me feel sooooo much better.

I also had my port flushed out.  All kinds of maintainence on this old body.  It is always fun to visit and get hugs from the wonderful crew at Kirby Glen Infusion Center.  My buddies Betsy and Tracy took good care of me.  I will have to have the port flushed about every six weeks.  I figure I’d rather have it cleaned out every six weeks rather than have it removed and have to have surgery again to put it back in if needed.  And hopefully it WON’T be needed!

Bill and I had a week of spring cleaning.  He did a lot of mowing and I did a lot of cleaning and rearranging.  Got rid of many things we just didn’t need or things that were just stacking up that other people said they wanted but never picked up.  So we asked our friend John. who has a huge van, come and haul a bunch of crap off to the dump.  Feels almost as good as the teeth cleaning to rid ourselves of junk!.  At the end of that day, exhausted, we sat down to have a wine on the front porch.  I sat in my rocker and Bill sat in his when I heard …”A SNAKE” .  You know the dreaded words that no one wants to hear or see.  A rat snake was wrapped around Bill’s wine holder.  Our wine holders are iron and were bought at the rodeo a couple of years ago.  They stand a bout 3′ high and there are horse shoes at the top where you place your wine glass.  That horrible thing was about 4′ long and wrapped all over the top of that holder.  It was so disgusting.  But he got away…he was really fast…which was even more disgusting.  At least rat snakes aren’t harmful.  But I would much rather have him in a few pieces.  Dr. Bevers sent me a picture of a snake they killed at their ranch.  It was a lot longer than ours. UGH!!!!  We have had several neighbors tell us about gator stories.  Yes, alligators.  So for Marvin’s daughter and my friend Blis who both live on the east side of Fulshear and close to rivers and creeks.  Be careful.  Marvin’s daughter couldn’t get in her car to go to work because a gator was sunning next to her car.  And Blis took a picture of a 7′ gator and sent it to me that was in her yard.  I think I’ll sick to snakes and just carry my shovel around.  On a good nature note, we have spotted woodpeckers in our front trees.  They are beautiful and very curious. 

This week I will be “journey bead” shopping for my friend Lindsay.  Her 12TH birthday is Thursday and I guess journey beads are the thing now.  So I have seen several kits that she might like.  If anyone has suggestions on journey beads…please let me know.

I was sent an e-mail that had a story about an ole guy being forced into moving to a rest home after his wife had passed away.  He said every morning he makes the decision …It’s not how things around you are arranged it’s how you arrange them in your mind.  So every morning free yourself from hate, free yourself from worry, live simple, give more and expect less.  Wow, what great advise.  It seems to me a lot of this comes with age and we call it “wisdom”.   So, yesterday Bill and I snuck away for lunch with our good friends Linda and David.  Dusty and Michele dad sat and he never knew we were gone.  Lunch at Dekker’s was awesome and it was our way of freeing ourselves from worry. 

Have a great week and stay out of trouble.  Lots of events going on this week so there will be lots of news next Monday.  Hugs!  Ride,Baby,Ride!



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