Dogs and Horses and Snakes, Oh My!!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter.  The Hurles’ house was alive with love and excitement.  All the kids came and we enjoyed the Honey Baked Ham and brisket.  Add the mac and cheese, green-bean casserole, and all the extras we certainly could not complain but count our many blessings. 

On Saturday I had some errands to run and as I returned and was parking the Jeep, Bill was swinging two shovels around telling me quick…quick.  Which can only mean one of two things around here.  He is either just about to kill Magoo or there is a snake somewhere.  I was really hoping it was the first one.  Wrong!  A three foot water moccasin right beside Magoo’s walkway ramp.  Lilly was having a fit.  And of course dad couldn’t see it.  Bill was screaming for him to get the dog inside and for him to stay in.  Talk about a circus.  Lilly had more sense than either one of them.  So Bill has one shovel and he gives me the one that kids play with on the beach to build sand castles.  What the heck am I supposed to do with this…I just know the snake was thinking the same thing.  Like she’s going to chop at me with that!  By the time we finished, it was in several pieces.  I kid you not.  It looked like a sushi bar of snake parts.  God, I hate snakes.  So, in my infinite wisdom I had Bill find someone to cut down all the bluebonnets.  I hated that, because you know how I feel about my bluebonnets,  but the weeds had grown so tall amongst them that I could just see snakes lurking in them and one of the dogs get bit.  So our wonderful neighbor Ernie volunteers for cutting duty.  Bill and Ernie are out discussing their strategy.  I called Ernie’s wife Bernie, and said how are they communicating out there.  Neither one of them can hear especially over lawnmower motors.  It’s the man thing..the torque crap…the penis talk code that only they understand.  So as they were getting started, Ernie’s mower breaks down.  So off to plan B.  Our wonderful neighbor Marvin got a hold of his son-in-law Wade to bring his huge tractor over and wipe them out.  Since Marvin is one of our local firemen and he was on duty Easter weekend,  he brings the firetruck over to watch the action.  Neighbors were calling thinking something was wrong.  What could possibly be wrong at this house?? OMG!

Good news though.  The rhino rear-end is getting more muscular.  And I am beginning to tan.  That always makes you look thinner.  And I am up to 30 laps a day.  I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying the pool.  It gives me a whole new lease on life! 

The horses had their vaccines this morning.  Poco and Bud are so funny.  It’s like they know it’s the vet when she drives up.  We have to halter them before she gets here cause they try to hide.  But I made sure they got plenty of carrots and apples when she left.  Spoiled brats!  The dogs will have their turn on Thursday.  Everybody hates the spring vaccines!

Have a great week everyone.  Hugs from Fulshear!




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