Magoo, Moms, and Medicine

First of all the Monday update is late due to unforeseen circumstances.  Bill was sent to the ER by our doctor Mark Bing yesterday afternoon.  Bill has had chest pains and arm numbing since last Friday.  But he did not say anything not wanting to ruin my mom’s day.  Believe me… he didn’t need a heart attack to kill him after I found that out.  He is fine.  Of course there was a battery of test and still more to go.  A pet scan of the heart is coming up along with a stress test.  The hospital stay was comedy in itself.  Bill kept choking himself with his oxygen tubing, his hearing aids kept showing up in unbelievable places, his nurses had to repeat everything nine hundred times because he kept losing his hearing aids and some poor man was making all kind of unpleasant sounds in the room next door.  One of his nurses, Kathy, said when she was trying to keep Bill from strangling himself with the oxygen hose, she found something hanging from the part that sticks behind his ear.  Guess?????    Anyway his cardio dude, Dr. Odhav, and Dr. Bing discharged him, with ecstatic delight of the entire Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital nursing crew I’m sure, at about noon today.  You have never seen such a quick release.  Bill keeps asking why it didn’t take longer for him to get discharged.  I do not have the heart to tell him.  Of course he wouldn’t hear anyway.  I would like to thank all the (Memorial Hermann) nurses in the ER, and on the 6TH floor, the ER doctors and of course Dr. Mark Bing and Dr. Anil Odhav for all their devotion to Bill.  He was truly blessed to have you all there.

Mom’s Day was wonderful.  All the kids, my brother and nephew Walker, Bill and Magoo all had fully packed day.  BBQ and football, pool volleyball and a few brews were the menu for the day.  Casey and Christina gave me a beautiful hibiscus plant, which the boys planted by the pool for me.  Dusty manned the grill and Magoo actually stayed awake the whole day.  Of course he has been a cocoon ever since.  Must of worn his little 98 year old hinny out.

Speaking of Magoo turning 98….we had a small birthday party for him on Friday at Dozier’s BBQ.  His “ninety something” buddies Dick Baile  and Judge John Singleton, my brother, family friend Dennis, Lani, Bill and me were all present for the event.  The old friends sat together while the rest of us waited on them.  It was great to see dad having such a great time.  We made it through without calling the EMS for anybody.  No CPR was necessary and we sat close to the restrooms …so there were no accidents!!!  Why didn’t I patent Depends!

I have to tell this story because it is just too cute.  A couple of weeks ago when I picked up Lani at the airport, there was a family of ducks in the Park’n Ride parking lot.  They were walking along the fence line.  Dad, mom, and 12 ducklings.  They were so amazing.  When a person would walk by, the dad would run away from the rest of them..playing hurt.  The mom would duck her head down (no pun intended) and walk by the fence like no one could see her.  The babies kept so quiet.  Then the dad would come back and off they’d go together…just a quacking!  I must have watched them for a good 15 minutes.  The love and protection they had for their family was so beautiful.  Their couldn’t have been a more inspiring picture for mom’s day or dad’s day. 

Love and hugs.  Ride,Baby,Ride!


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