Better Believe It !!!!

Feeling good is such a plus.  No doctors appointments, no worrying about how the blood work is going to come out, don’t care about your hair… or lack of it,  LIFE IS JUST GOOD.  It’s almost like the calm before the storm, which I don’t want to even think about.  Have been keeping busy and really wake up in the mornings loving the opportunity to be alive and achieve a goal each day.  Sometime my goals require a little mischief but that’s OK.  My guardian angel flies pretty close to me and pulls me by the collar when I get a little too rowdy.  Although my angel must have been well paired with me.  It sometimes seems like we get in trouble together.  Like the time…well never mind, this is a family blog!

Bill, Lani, TJ (Lani’s boyfriend), and I all went to the wonderful Gala given by the Big Brother Big Sister organization on Saturday evening.  Met so many wonderful people and enjoyed seeing old friends.  KPRC (Houston’s Channel 2) had the emcee honors.  Thank you Owen Conflenti (morning anchor) and Mary Benton (news reporter) for sharing your talents for the gala.  And of course to Jerome Martin, general manager and VP of KPRC Local 2 for your continued support.  The “Big-Black Tie-Ball Casablanca Style” was amazing.  We all danced and auctioned and drank and gambled (fake, of course) throughout the evening.  If you ever need a band hire the “Brent Van Sickle Orchestra.  OMG! Played everything from Motown to Jazz.  And our dinner table crew, Mark Boyle ( KPRC news reporter) and Mike (Bank of America), Charles, and my good friend and BBBS of Houston President Ron Hadley.  Great company…thanks for a fun filled time.

Everyone in the horse racing world is all excited now.  “I’ll Have Another”  is now one race from winning the triple crown.  So, Belmont is in 3 weeks …… we will soon know.  Bill went to the track to place our bets before getting dressed for the gala.  All favorites came in, so the pay offs were minimal.  OK …ready for a Bill story?  He gets back from the track and changes into his tux.  We are on our way to the Houstonian Hotel and all seems normal.  Well, as normal as it gets with Bill.  Anyway, throughout the night I’m asking him if he is OK because he is on new meds due to his chest pains last week.  All seemed fine till we hit the dance floor.  No not literally, he didn’t fall, but was close.  I noticed he was acting different.  As we are getting ready to leave he couldn’t find the valet ticket for the Jeep.  Then while we were all looking through pockets and purses Bill disappears.  Now…where is Bill?  We look over on the park bench in front of the hotel walkway and there is Bill sitting next to and talking to the satue of some dude with boots on and people are taking pictures of him.  Then Lani joins in by sitting in the satue’s lap, just making it more fun for the passers-by.  HPD officer (Houston Police Dept.)  is sitting on the wall watching everything and what does Lani do…she goes over and sits with the officer and just starts caring on a complete conversation on everything.  This guy is probably saying these people are actually getting on the roads to drive home.  Not to mention, the cop pointed out, that TJ’s inspection sticker was expired. It was a hoot!  Sunday morning…first thing…Bill is looking for his hearing aid.  I told him it was making so much noise (loud beeping sounds) that I threw it out of the Jeep window!  Are you ready for this…he said “where about on the freeway”?  Funeral services are pending!!!!!!

I have a speaking event coming up.  A local book club has invited me to speak about “Ride,Baby,Ride! and I will have more details later.  Please know, if anyone would like to have a group event and would like for me to speak about the ovarian cancer experience and the book…just e-mail or call me..  Getting the word out about ovarian cancer is the goal.  Other than that we are waiting for Bill’s stress test and heart pet-scan which is scheduled for this Thursday.  Prays needed for Bill…in more ways than one!  😉

Hugs and Ride,Baby,Ride!



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