Memorial Day Update

Happy Memorial Day to all.  Honoring our heroes past and present is the agenda today.  Thank you to all our fighting men and women who keep our country safe everyday.  To my dad who served in WWll as a reconnaissance pilot in the US Army and to my hubby Bill who served in the US Air Force during the Viet Nam War, I am so proud of you.   And a special thanks to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  God did bless the USA!

A quick summary of Bill’s testing that was done on Thursday.  We have not received any results back.  It’s always bad to have any type of testing done right before a holiday.  I think the whole medical industry takes off a day before the holiday weekend starts and slowly filters back in after it’s over.  So we probably won’t hear anything until Tuesday.  The test went well.  Bill was very dizzy and nauseated afterwards.  They did the stress test along with the heart MRI.  Not quite sure how that works but it should spit out the results the doctor is looking for.  So hopefully Bill’s cardiologist, Dr. Odhav, will have good news for us.

As for me…doing nothing except swimming, catching up on my Nora Roberts novels, and watching my hair grow.  Watching my hair grow everywhere!  Brazilian look is out and going with the “hairy beast” look.  It’s so hard during that transitional period.  Everything itches!  It’s not very “lady-like” to go around scratching the crotch.  Shaving the legs, plucking the eyebrows, waxing the lip, getting to put mascara on the eyelashes has all been missed little pleasures of life but are now back.  I’m loving it.  It actually takes me more than 3 minutes to shower now.  Washing my hair is great and it only takes a minute to dry.  See…it doesn’t take much to amuse me.  My son Casey (middle kid) shaved the neckline for me Saturday which felt really good.  First haircut in almost 8 months.

Bill and Magoo have been good boys.  Anytime war movies are on 24/7, I get relief.  Give the two of them (in separate houses, of course so they don’t fight) a remote and snacks and a cooler of drinks to sit next to their recliners and I have the makings of a peaceful, non interrupted, Nora Roberts floating in the pool with a glass of wine,  fest!   I might even get a nice tan out of this.  It has been too hot for Magoo to come out anyway.  I threatened him with his life the other day when he almost fell trying to get out of his porch swing.  Dad it’s too hot…stay inside till this evening when it cools down with a nice breeze.  In one ear and out the other.  At least it goes in with him.  Bill just sits there where my voice tries to go in one ear and meets a barricade.  Oh well!!!!!

I will be adding a few blogs this week.  When we get Bill’s results back and a couple of announcements.  Have a great Memorial Day.  GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR WONDERFUL TROOPS!!!!!!

Ride,Baby,Ride!  Hugs!


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