Cowboys Don’t Cry Either!

Hi everyone.  Bill is home after sailing through his triple bypass.  The doctor would not allow visitors in the ICU or his suite.  It made for a quick recovery.  Bill is an amazing and strong man.  He will have to take it easy for about 6 weeks.  The doc says no tractor riding for a while which has him in a tailspin!  Our neighbor Ernie is out mowing for him now and Bill is drooling at the mouth with envy. I posted a note on Facebook  and I will have a full update here tomorrow.  So many funny things that happened at the hospital.  And much to tell about the amazing staff.  I made so many new friends and such caring ones at that. Much needed sleep and rest is in the forecast.   Give us about six weeks to get right and we will have a party to celebrate life.  Love you all.  Cowgirls only cry when their cowboys are having triple bypasses.

Ride,Baby,Ride!  Hugs!!!!!


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