How many Jack Asses can there be???

Have to begin with a Magoo story.  My daughter-in-law Michele turned me on to a new app on my cell phone.  She knows how involved I am with Ghost Adventures (aired on the Travel Channel).  So she found a Ghost Radar app.  I have had so much fun with it.  Anyway testing it out Bill and I went out on the patio to sip our wine and indulge the spirits (the ghost ones that is).  The first thing the spirits said was “porch”.  Then ‘shade”, then “author”, then “airplane”.  Airplane, just as a jet was going over our house.  OK, not creepy enough for you.  It said burro.  Bill and I looked at each other and said Magoo’s not outside (LOL) which ass is it referring to.  Just about that time this donkey in the next field let out this horrendous noise.  The neighbors had acquired a donkey.  It gets better.  I’m putting dad to bed and the spirits were talking as I was showing Magoo my new app.  The next morning Bill goes to feed him breakfast and Magoo tells Bill not to leave that machine over here at night anymore.  The ghosts talked to him all night!  Folks…I had my phone with me all night on my night stand.  We still have not figured that one out.  Either Magoo has finally lost it or the ghosts had a field day messing with him all night.  I really hope it’s the latter.

Our grandson Braden came over to help Bill mow and do outdoor chores.  Son Dusty and daughter-in-law Michele were here too.  Bill, Dusty, and  Braden were trying to get a 100 ft. outdoor electric cord untangled.  OMG, talk about entertainment.  Michele and I were watching from the window.  The 3 stooges at their best.  It got to the point we almost felt sorry for them…I did say almost! 

The real donkey is a jenny (a female).  Therefore we do not consider her a jack ass.  Bill asked Lani and me why she wasn’t considered a jack ass too?  We rest our case!  Should have sent the 3 stooges over there to ask her for help with the extension cord. 

Momma cardinal is still sitting on her nest in the hanging bicycles.  We should be grand parents again real soon.  We also rescued a huge water turtle from the horse field.  Bud and Poco (our horses) didn’t seem to mind him.  But we took him down to Bessie’s Creek so that he could be back home.    The mockingbirds, hummingbirds, and wrens all seem to be keeping busy and eating us out of house and home.  Don’t believe the phrase “eats like a bird”.  If some tells you that and you are supposed to be taking them to dinner.  Hide your credit card!!!!

Bill is getting geared up for his angiogram tomorrow.  We have to be at the hospital at 6 AM.  It is referred to as “outpatient” but if more needs to be done then he will have to stay overnight.  I will up date you ASAP after the procedure.  Lani and I are going to the “dress rehearsal”  tonight of the musical “Best Little Whore House in Texas”.  Our friend Natalie Young works for “Theater Under the Stars “(TUTS) and was so nice to get us tickets for the event.  So I will have a very short night.  Probably won’t get in until midnight and then up by 5 to get to the hospital.  A woman’s work is never done!  So prayers for Bill please. 

Thanks to Linda and David, our good friends, for meeting us for lunch and helping to take our minds off of everything else.  Thank you to Dr. Bevers and Bles for making me feel so special when they are truly the special ones.  They have moved into the new MD Anderson facility in Katy.  It’s beautiful I might add.  I got a kick out of the new examining tables.  Like I told my friend Gwen ( who is also a Dr. Bevers patient) that it’s like going up in an elevator… naked!  I don’t think I’ve ever been that high up with my legs spread!  Not even in my college days.  Unless you count the chandelier party…oh well that’s a different story.   And for my minister, my hero in the black robe, Dave Peterson, just try not to think about what I just said.  Your job to get me in the “pearly gates” is hard enough. 

Remember when you look in the mirror… see yourself doing great things.  Don’t give up.  Positive all the way!!  Hugs!



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