Great News!

I would like to start this blog with a special announcement.  On Saturday, The Leilani Essary Hurles (Bevers/Cook) Ovarian Cancer Research Fund officially got started.  A dear friend of mine, Tajana, had a jewelry show which featured her mother’s beautiful handmade jewelry.  In addition she featured me as a guest speaker and gave a portion of her profits to our Ovarian cancer Fund.   It was at a beautiful ranch home of Josephine A. and many wonderful people attended. I enjoyed meeting all of you.  Thank you to all that donated to the fund and for all of you who bought books.  It was my pleasure to sign them for you.  There will be fundraisers in the future and I will keep you informed on dates and times.  The next official event is July 21ST.  Here in Fulshear.  Details will be announced soon.  In the meantime if you know of anyone that would like to give to the fund please let them know that they can mail cks or money orders to:

 Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

PoBox 985

Fulshear, TX 77441

We need to get the word out about the “silent killer”.  I know that my part is small but I’m trying and many women’s lives depend on it.  I will send a receipt for all donations to the donors.  I am putting in $5,000. of my money and with the start we got on Saturday…we are on our way!!!!  MD Anderson is an amazing place and I am happy to raise money in my name for them.

The next storm in the gulf should be named Magoo!  He had no trouble throwing one of his wild curve balls on Saturday.  You talk about spinning and going nowhere!  Dad decided that when I left for the fundraiser that I should be back by 5PM.  Don’t ask me how he does his math…I don’t want to know or even try to figure it out.  Bill said he paced his porch and our porch for an hour, waiting for Lani and me to get home.    So afraid I was going to miss “Wheel of Fortune” with him.  When we get home I go over and I get the silent treatment.  I explained about making money for the fund and selling books.  Magoo put his hands over his ears and shook his head.  He did not want to hear anything.  I just got up and left.  I think he finally talked to us last night.  Out of necessity of course…he needed a dose of milk of magnesia.  If Magoo can’t poop….we are all in for a bad day!

My friend Gail, the guru at Dr. Kaestner’s office, sent me an e-mail of a wine cellar that was built into the floor of a home’s kitchen.  It was awesome.  It had a see through plexiglas doors that opened and you stepped down into a spiral staircase and as you took each step further into the abyss the walls were filled with wines.  A wine/storm cellar all in one!  No that’s my place to be in case of a disaster!  I’d probably be yelling “tornado coming”  all the time.  No flies on my ass!!!!

Bill is getting better each day.  We are taking walks several times a day and working on the little things that everyone else takes for granted.  He is supposed to start rehab this week at the hospital.  The physical therapist has exercises to teach us to do at home.  OMG…where is that wine cellar?  This ought to be a hoot.  Men are such babies and Bill is no exception.  I’m just about ready to pitch him a tent on the back forty!  To all our wonderful neighbors that have helped so much during this ordeal, please check on this old broad.  Once rehab starts I’ll either be hanging from the rafters with a Merlot in tow or Bill will show up missing! 

The weather here in Houston has been so hot.  Supposed to have several days in a row over 100.  I think they said 104 or 105 today.  Add that with the humidity and it’s head for the pool and stay in there.  Skin looks like a prune but you’re cool.  We are fortunate to have bubblers in our pool which adds a little extra coolness to the water.  Not to mention the very soothing sound that relaxes you.  I know I was born under the Aquarian sign for a reason.  I have always loved the water and pray that the world could share the peace that I get from the tranquil rippling sound.

Don’t forget to get the word out about the fund.  Let’s blow this ovarian cancer crap out of the water!!!!!!!  Any donation will help.  Love, hugs, and prays to you all.



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