Magoo Strikes Again!

Hi everyone.  Hope you had a fun and safe Father’s Day weekend.  I have decided that I am just going to go ahead and commit myself to the mental institution so no one else has to bother.  Gee, I think I’ve said that before but this time I mean it!  Magoo pulled one of his greatest performances ever.  Bill has been getting way too much attention.  So dad practically crawls (and I mean one breath from leaving this world and bothering the angels crawl), over to our house and says his teeth are loose.  Not just one but two.  Sis-in-law Libby and I did a teeth inspection and found no loose teeth.  He would not let up the entire weekend.  So, I called Dr. Kaestner’s office and talked to my friend Gail to see if she could save the entire family from another performance from Magoo.  Dad has an appointment tomorrow at 2.  Lani will be his chauffeur for the day.  I’ll have the wine chilled when she returns!  Dr. Kaestner’s office is on their own.  But I have out smarted “the Magoo”.  His dog Lilly is due for her shots.  So while Lani is depositing dad’s butt at the dentist …I made an appointment for Lilly to get her shots at the same time.  That way he won’t make a big scene at the vets office.  That is always an Academy Award in itself! 

Bill is doing great.  Gets stronger everyday.   Doctors appts. went very well and we are definitely on the right road to recovery.  The doctor told him to eat whatever he wants (even hamburgers) to get his strength back up.  Then it will be heart healthy diet.  But he is allowed to drink his red wine each day.  That makes for a very happy Bill and a very happy Leilani and Lani.  He’s almost back to normal when he has that wine goblet in his hand.  And not throwing orders around right and left.  Son Dusty and grandson Braden came over Saturday and Sunday to mow and trim trees etc.  Big help!  Our neighbors Ernie and Marvin have been taking charge to make sure the acreage stays beautiful.  Thank you both so much.  Lani and I are handling the Bill chores pretty well.  I took all the trash out this morning (can’t wait till he can do that again).   So coffee in hand, nite-shirt and house-shoes, I drive the golf cart to the road and deposited all the trash for the garbage dudes to pick up.  Then I couldn’t find the gate remote.  OMG… I hope I didn’t pack it with the trash!  So had to do a scavenger hunt to find it.  It was on the floor of the cart under the last bag of trash.  Didn’t know that I knew that many cuss words.  I think I even made some up!

Got to float and read in the pool yesterday for a while.  The sky was so beautiful.  Did my laps doing the backstroke so I could observe all the beauty.  Saw the American flag flying in the breeze, airplanes, butterflies, dragonflies, wasps, limbs swaying on the oak tree near the pool, birds of all kinds (just hoping the ducks didn’t decide to poop on me on their fly over) and all the clouds.  The beautiful clouds …all shapes and sizes.  So much fun deciding what they remind you of.  God is truly amazing!!! 

I posted a picture on Facebook that was taken at the MD Anderson photo shoot.  Still not sure when they will hit the billboards around town.  There were several really good ones of Dr. Bevers and me.  There are also some book dates coming up.  A couple of them will be combined with a jewelry show.  Proceeds of the books will go to my Leilani Essary Hurles Ovarian Cancer Fund.  The lady who makes the jewelry has been kind enough to donate some of her earnings from the jewelry as well.  This weekend in Fulshear there is a “Tea Party with a Heart”!  Saturday, June 23RD  from 2:30- 5PM.  At the home of Josephine Aasnes.  6306 FM359 Rd. South, Fulshear Tx 77441.  For directions call 713-822-6303.   Drop by if you are out and about.  Everyone is welcome. 

Again, thanks for the cards, e-mails, calls and visits.  Bill enjoys them all.    Hugs!!!!



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