Did Someone Ask About Bill’s Rehab?

Three times a week (MWF) for one hour a day, I get to workout with Bill.  The Bible tells us God will never give you more than we can handle.  I don’t think the “good” Lord ever got sweaty with Bill.  (In fact, today I didn’t even workout.  I wrote my update).  This carries love to a whole different level.  We leave at 9:00AM to get there by 10.  We wire Bill up with his heart monitor and hit the warm up routine.  Then we hit the different exercise machines.  Bill seems to have taken to the treadmill and bike.  Then we lift weights…or a weight routine and then sit for a combo of yoga and stretches.  All I can say is Bill is a golfer, what else can you do with the bird legs he has?  In the yoga stretches the man tries to reach for my boobs.  The only body parts I have left …that are mine and he is messing with them.  I don’t think they have added a breast rub to yoga classes yet.  But we are feeling great and the workouts seem to be helping Bill with his over-all strength.  It also seems to be helping him sleep better.  How can I tell?  He is back to snoring!!!!

Our Aussie mix needed to be groomed.  BAD! He is an old guy and has issues with arthritis so we can’t take him in somewhere without a major ordeal.  Bill and I hit upon a company called “The Pet Box”.  They come to the house and do it here.  In their truck they have an hydraulic lift , bath tub, …the works.  So thanks to Edward and his daughter Leah, Moochie looks and smells wonderful.  He is so happy.  But with him getting all the attention our lab, Starr, got jealous.  So what does Starr do?  She goes hunting ang brings us a trophy.  A nice bird.  And puts it on her pillow.  I asked her “So who urinated in your sandbox?”  She just looked at me and pawed at it like… see what I can still do!!!  

Did you ever have that one mosquito …..that one that got away?  The one you couldn’t find until 2 AM and you hear it.  Still can’t find it until you are having a hot flash and kick the covers off your legs and it bites you on the bottom of your foot.  I named him “Evinrude” .  ( I name all skitters Evinrude due to some cartoon movie way back when).  I saw him when I laid the flashlight on his mosquito ass.  About 1 inch long, combat boots, goggles, scarf, WWI flying helmet (probably borrowed from Snoopy) and a newly sharpened proboscis that could penetrate a concrete pair of pajamas.  And that proboscis had my name written all over it.  Let the games begin!!!!  How many bites can he get in before I spray the hell out of him.  I’ve given enough blood in the last 3 years I certainly don’t need it displayed on my hand.  FYI…all squirrels are named “Chip” …all lizards are “Rupert”…and all snakes are SHOT!!!!!

With all the mass shootings going on lately …the movies and of all places, a place of worship, I would like everyone to remember that guns are a good thing but bad when put in the hands of bad individuals.  Without going political on gun laws and not going against anyone’s religious beliefs…I would like to quote the Book of James.  “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry”.  It seems so simple and so right. 

Hugs to all.


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