Life’s Little Annoyances

What is it with “NOSE HAIR”?  I mean why at the age of 61, are the hair follicles in my sniffer going berserk?  There must be some type of connection to the chemo treatments.  After chemo the hair in the nose says ” Ahhh, we are rid of that awful drug that kills us…let’s grow back longer and stronger than ever”.  It’s a conspiracy!  I think they have a recruiting station wedged up in there and send out draft notices.  And so many shades of gray, blond, black,brown….it looks like a clown wig!  So now I have to clip wild growing, free range, nose fringe every morning.  It’s now part of the routine along with brushing the pearly whites.

Rehab is going fine.  I really enjoy the exercise and the wonderful nurses that work there.  Thank you to Sarah, Carrie, Cassy, Debby,  Betty, and Cecelia the cardiac crew that make working out fun.  Last Wednesday Bill was informed that his “barn door” was open …..good thing the horse was not leaving the barn!  It was a little eighty year old woman that noticed.  See you never get too old to stop looking!  I was teasing the nurse (Carrie) that she was the one who showed the old lady Bill’s open fly.  She still denies it. 

My brother and his wife sold their house over the weekend.  Not sure where they will be moving to.  Sis-in-law’s mom has to have surgery at the end of this month so they will probably move to Mississippi for a while.  Then hoping to get back to Texas.  And on Saturday Lani flew out to meet up with Mr. Wonderful.  It is taking both sons to replace her.  She does so much around here to help out.  But she will be back in time for my breast MRI.  Thank goodness!  Can’t imagine doing this with Bill in charge.  OMG!!!!  He gets so panicky about “girl crap”.

I read recently in a book about foods that fight cancer that the spice Turmeric, is a anticancer spice.  I thought I would pass this on because it is so easy to add to a meal.  Turmeric and it’s active ingredient, curcumin, has many anticancer properties that seem to help detour cancer cells.  Add a teaspoon of turmeric to soups, salads, and even pasta dishes.  It is inexpensive way to get the curcumin intake that will help prevent the development of many types of cancer.  

Off to rehab now and then to see a friend of mine that is having a procedure done today.  That is if she is up to it.  Praying for great results.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.  And what about those Texans!  Looks like a good group this season.  But I won’t jinx them right off the bat.  But GO TEXANS!!!!


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