The Patience of Job

In the past week, without the assistance of my faithful sidekick Lani, I have teetered with the thought of how many times Moses had to have cussed.  This is something I may have brought up before but it’s worth repeating. I mean, if in my little “nothing” life things get screwed up in major proportions to the point of grabbing the wine bottle, so… how many times in Moses life, (all 120 years of it), did that man  partake of the grape?  And…let it all out!  I mean..parting seas and crossing deserts take a lot out of you.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could part the traffic on I-10? Anyway, if the words that I’m thinking or that actually come out while I’m trying to stay calm and organized are worst than a sailor …I can only admire Moses for his patience and love for his people.  My challenge this week is tri fold.  Dealing with Bill and his little toe problems and rehab woes.  Dealing with Magoo because we will be gone most of the week.  (Get the Academy Award ready).  And my breast MRI.  The only remaining feminine part left on me is in jeopardy.  That is besides the “who-who” and if Dr. Bevers decides he is going to close that orifice up, I’m definitely putting a “For Sale” sign on this body and look for a new one.  I mean…my only fun these days is who is putting more time in with the “ole coot”….Bill or Dr. Bevers?  Gotta love them….one keeps it happy and one keeps it working.

I witnessed a beautiful sight the other night.  I couldn’t sleep (like many nights) and went to my french doors by my bed.  I could see every star in the sky.  The perfect night sky.  All at once (like many nights) I saw a falling star.  But this was the biggest, brightest, falling star I have ever seen.  It crossed over from North to South.  Traveling  slower than most.  You could actually see the flames in it’s tail.  Then it disappears in the southern sky over the cattle field behind us.  I gasped… out-loud.  It was so beautiful and amazing.  All I could think of was an angel blowing me a kiss.  Then, thinking..that’s no ordinary angel…that’s mom.  (It will be 15 yrs in Nov. that I lost her).  It reminded me of the love I felt when she was near me.  The love that radiated from her smile.  I knew there was that same love radiating from that star.  No matter what happens in my life, I will never fear anything, for I know I felt that glowing love star.

Magoo has learned the ups and downs of laundry duty.  I have taught him well.  But he has not experienced the sock bandit until last night.  A navy sock was eaten by the washing machine masked man.  Dad, it’s a proven fact the washing machine eats articles of clothing.   He asked me “what we can do about it”?  Make out a police report, take agitator DNA, let me know and I’ll blast the S.O.B. with my 9mm. …OMG,  how about a scavenger hunt?  Bingo, found and identified.  Fell out of his PJ’s pants.  Mental ward is not to far away.  No, not for him…ME!!!!

Friends are the key to life and Bill and I got to have lunch with one of my best girlfriends after his rehab last Friday.  So to Patricia H. , better known as the “Bama King”, we had a blast.  Pat will be retiring at the end of this year and we plan to make more time together.  Also met a new friend, Robin C.  Robin is a patient at MD Anderson and of the incredibly handsome Dr. Bevers.  (He’ll owe me for that one)!  Robin bought 4 books from me and we plan on getting together in the future for her fundraiser.  I’ll get all the details out to you when I get them.  She is in the middle of her chemo now.. .. with the same side effects that all that have been through the poisioning know all so well.   

I’ll leave for my thought of the day…(don’t ask it just pops up)…Forgive your enemy but don’t forget his name!!!!


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