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After recovering from a very rough week…I am ready to head into the beautiful season of Christmas.  It will be tough without two of my favorite people in the world but life goes on and they would not want it any other way.  (I wrote a small blog yesterday on the passing of my cousins…6 days apart).  So onward into the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Actually, my favorite time of year.  Parties, family, friends, turkey and ham, Lani’s green bean casserole and presents! 

It sounds like the animals in the adjacent farms know that it’s Christmas too.  And how do I know that?  OMG!  During my morning ritual of letting the dogs out to roam the property, clinging to my cup of coffee, I am bombarded with the sound of dueling roosters.  Seriously, the testosterone was running berserk.  One would crow then the next one.  Wasn’t sure how many cocks were involved but it was extremely annoying!  And if that wasn’t enough….Jenny decided to do her morning hee-hawing at the same time.  Almost like chiming in.  Either that little donkey was pissed at the chanticleers or she wanted to grow feathers and join in.  To add to that, the cows that Jenny is protecting were wondering why she was running around the pasture kicking and bucking.  So they add their two cents.   I watched the sunrise and drank my coffee thinking …Noah had to have drank A LOT!!!!!!

We were sorry to see my brother D and his bride Libby leave.  The few weeks they stayed with us went much too fast.  But they found a cute house in Kerrville.  It sits on top a hill and looks down over the town.  While they were here we would enjoy cocktails at night while either watching football or Hallmark Christmas movies or just sitting outside gazing at the stars and freezing our butts off.  The only problem was…there seemed to be a Crown Royal bandit on the loose.  And for once you can’t blame me because “wine” is my weapon of choice.  Every other day there was a new bottle of Crown on the bar because the last bottle was empty.  So we decided the Crown Royal bandit hides until we all go to bed and then pops out with it’s straw and sucks the life out of the Crown bottles!  Can’t you just in-vision a pesky little gnome wearing a crown on it’s head with a purple bag of jiggers and straws in tote, grinning from ear to ear, reciting “catch me if you can”!  I’m telling you …it does exist.  A night vision camera sounds like the perfect Christmas gift for our home.  Now, how do you get a crown bottle in a mouse trap?

Is anyone else being harrassed by telephone from security companies?  I mean 2 to 3 phone calls daily.  Messages on the answering machine to the tune that the FBI says there have been several break-ins in our “neck of the woods” and we had better secure our home with their product.  Number one…wouldn’t we know if there had been a break-in around us.  All the neighbors know each other and look out for each other.  A strange car can’t even go down the road without one of us calling the other to find out what’s going on.  So to all of you security companies…Don’t Bother!!!!  We have roosters, a jenny, cows, dogs, plenty of Merlot and guns!  Don’t mess with Texas!!!


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