God Calls Everybody Home

I can not imagine the loss of a child.  I have lost my mother.  But the  thought of losing a child is unbearable.  I will start this blog by saying that in times of grief and suffering you reach for  family or friends.  In addition to all our nation is enduring at this time …I too, lost two family members within 6 days.  I lost my cousin Sandra to lung cancer on Tuesday morning.  Her service was Thursday night.  Sunday morning I lost my cousin Norma.  They were both my favorite confidantes and both incredible ladies.  I will remember the things that made me smile.  I will remember the things that made me cry.  And I will remember their unconditional love.  Of their families, their friends, and me.  I will be lost for a while but I know they are with God.  I know exactly what each one is up to in the Heavenly kingdom.  Norma is painting the sunsets (wonderful artist) and Sandra is flying around her family with her new set of wings.  Oh…and the wings have O U tatooed on them.  ( Grad of Oklahoma Univ….and always rubbed it in).  I know that the faith feeding thoughts that the ones left behind for us to remember them by are… beautiful, loving, caring, and full of getting things done and not giving up.  At least not until their bodies did.  God bless the families of ones that lost treasures this week and keep them safe and warm in your unending love.  

So for tonight please keep those who have lost a loved one in your prayers.  God calls us all home.  I will write a blog entry again tomorrow.   Ride,Baby,Ride!

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